More stories come out against DJ Tim Westwood over several sexual alleagtions

In response to a woman’s allegations that DJ Tim Westwood repeatedly had intercourse with her beginning when she was just 14 years old, Westwood was today called out as a “predator.”

After first meeting at a club event in 1990 at Arch in Vauxhall, the two allegedly started dating.

Their connection allegedly turned sexual when Westwood allegedly started kissing her before starting non-consensual intercourse.

I kind of felt it was typical, but I didn’t realize how serious the situation was, she added.

It was just a thing that you couldn’t talk about with anyone; it wasn’t a relationship and it wasn’t about love.

According to “Esther,” who is now in her 40s, their purported involvement with a minor caused her to try suicide later on, according to the BBC.

She claims the alleged relationship made her feel like she was Mr. Westwood’s “prey,” and she now believes he groomed her.

Several others have accused the former Radio One DJ of sexual assault, including “Esther.” Mr. Westwood was in his 30s at the time of the alleged occurrence.

Another alleges that the well-known hip-hop DJ, who was in his forties at the time of the alleged assault, began their “controlling” relationship when she was 16 years old.

While Westwood was touring clubs and student unions across the nation when she first encountered him, a third woman, who was 20 at the time, claims he forced his penis into her mouth in spite of her resistance.

Two other ladies allege that Mr. Westwood sexually attacked them when they were in their mid-teens.

In a BBC News series titled Tim Westwood: Hip-Open Hop’s Secret, which covers more than two decades’ worth of sexual misconduct claims against the DJ from 1990 to 2012, additional allegations have surfaced.

Another woman, ‘Lydia,’ who claims to have been a target of Westwood, claims that he approached her one night at the Caesars club in Streatham, south London.

He is accused of isolating “Lydia” from friends and family throughout their 18-month sexual connection, which supposedly began when she was only 16 and he was in his 40s.

She told the BBC, “It was extremely dominating in a lot of ways.”

He insisted on knowing the passcode to my home phone so he could frequently listen to my voicemails.

“I wish more people had intervened,” said the adults who were around him, as well as the bodyguards, secretaries, and those who I would describe as spectators.

Westwood has previously “categorically” denied charges that he had an “inappropriate contact with anyone under the age of 18” following social media allegations that were published in 2020.

Following a joint investigation by the BBC and the Guardian earlier this year, seven women came forward to accuse the DJ of engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Following the discoveries, Mr. Westwood announced his “until further notice” resignation from his weekly Capital Xtra radio show.

Tim Westwood vehemently denies any claims of inappropriate behaviour, according to a statement from a Westwood spokesman in April.

There have never been any formal or informal complaints lodged against him throughout his 40-year career.

Tim Westwood vehemently denies any accusations of misconduct.

Since the investigation began in April, 10 additional women have come forward to discuss sexual accusations against the DJ. Several people assert that they interacted with Mr. Westwood while still underage.

The DJ started his career on local radio before joining Capital Radio in London. Bill Westwood, the former Anglican bishop of Peterborough who passed away in 1999, was the DJ’s father.

Later, BBC Radio 1 gave him his own show.

The radio broadcaster, known as “The Big Dawg,” left Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra in 2013 after nearly 20 years and returned to Capital Xtra to deliver a regular show on Saturday nights.

The announcement comes after the Guardian and BBC reported statements from seven women in April who accused Westwood of engaging in exploitative sexual behaviour.

When the hashtag #survivingTimWestwood surfaced on Twitter in 2020, Westwood was obliged to refute involvement in related accusations.

Twitter users started discussing the claims and Westwood’s name when an anonymous lady sent messages outlining a four-year connection.

She acknowledged she was in love with the DJ and that she hadn’t reported any of her allegations to the police while using the Twitter handle @survivingtimwestwood.

Others responding to the tweets urged the Global Radio executives, where Westwood works for Capital Xtra, to look into his treatment of young black ladies.

The renowned DJ angrily refuted outrageous claims that he misbehaved with student admirers made on social media.

Students criticized Westwood in October 2013 for his “vulgar and misogynistic” stage performance at a University of Leicester freshmen gathering.

He was overheard saying, “Girl in the front row with the black dress on, I will be f****** you later,” while serving as a guest DJ at the O2 Academy.

In the BBC3 documentary Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power, Westwood was caught earlier this year pleading with a fan to remain in her bra while he ogled her on stage.

In the damning documentary, the DJ was charged with molesting black women while performing.

Westwood was also seen on camera yelling, “Yo baby you don’t have to put your top back on,” at a woman who was frantically trying to cover up.

Additionally, he was seen grabbing a woman while gazing down her top and enquiring, “I like your rack; is it real?”

Additionally, he was shown in the video holding onto a woman’s arm after apparently whispering something sexual in her ear while they were backstage at a festival.

Another video shows rapper Cardi B being interviewed by Westwood for Capital FM in 2017.

Do you have sex with a lot of like, black girls? the American artist queries. In response to criticism that he was inappropriate with the star during an interview, Westwood said, “Not as much as I’d like to,” after pausing.