Monterey Park survivors and neighbors mourned following the incident

Overnight, a vigil was held at Monterey Park City Hall for those who lost their lives in the shooting at a dance studio on Saturday. Eleven individuals were slain. Some of the survivors of the assault were there, reconnecting for the first time since the tragedy with other survivors.

Daniel Hsiu expressed gratitude for his survival. He saw his pals fall victim to the barrage of bullets in front of him.

He said that when he shuts his eyes, he still sees gunshots, blood, and fleeing people.

Hsiu said, “My memories won’t go away.”

The vast Asian American population in the area has been stunned by the shooting, which also left nine others wounded, but they have remained strong. Growing up at Monterey Park, Tristan Cabral described it as a “holy place.” He and his family immigrated to the city from the Philippines when he was a small boy, and he said that since the weekend’s tragedy, his passion for Monterey Park, a community that welcomes Asian immigrants like his family, has only increased.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office disclosed the identities of the 11 fatalities on Tuesday. They are 57 to 76 years old.

Ming Ma, the manager of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, was among the deceased at the age of 72. A 70-year-old grandma named Diana Tom also perished. She “liked to dance,” according to her relatives. My Nhan, 65, also passed away. Her family members praised her for having a lovely smile and an infectious friendliness.

The shooting also claimed the lives of Lilan Li, 63; Xiujuan Yu, 57; Muoi Ung, 67; Hongying Jian, 62; Yu Kao, 72; Chia Yau, 76; Valentino Alvero, 68; and Wen Yu, 64.

Huu Can Tran, 72, was the suspect’s identity as determined by investigators. After the assault, when they searched his house, they discovered a gun and a large quantity of ammo.

At the site of the shooting, which occurred as people were celebrating the Lunar New Year, police also found 42 shot casings.

It is still unclear why the strike occurred.

»Monterey Park survivors and neighbors mourned following the incident«

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