Misau/Dambam Fed Constituency: ‘I Am Still Consulting’ — Mohammed Aliko

Individuals and organisations have urged Mohammed to run for the role of member representing Misau/Dambam in the National Assembly, which he claimed was an honor.
He thanked God for allowing his people to perceive in him the potential to represent them in the national parliament.
If granted the mandate, Mohammed stated that he is passionate about young empowerment and development, and that if given the mandate, he will ensure that the youth are carried along.
“For my people to come out and say they recognize me for having the capacity to throw my hat in the ring to contend for that important job is truly an honor to me,” Mohammed remarked.
“I am currently consulting, you know, far and wide with friends, family, associates, elders, citizens, indegenes that are in diaspora to seek people’s opinion to help me guide my decision whether or not to accept the calls of my people to contest for that prestigious office.
“The plights of the youth is of great concern to me and it should be of great concern to every Nigerian. When you see the number of young ably qualified people roaming the streets without a job to do, not earning daily bread and falling into different kinds of societal ills such as drugs, robbery, joining all sorts of gangs and the sort. So, it is truly of great concern.
“Now, even though the office I am being asked to contest for is not an executive office that will allow or give me the power to create or give employment to the teaming youths within this location.
I believe that beimg in the federal house of representatives will give me the ability to legislate laws or influence legislation that will go a long way in empowering and developing the youths.
“At the same time, being in such position gives you the access to numerous organizations, institutions and of course a hust of investors to whom we can showcase our own locality, particularly within the areas of ICT, agriculture and Agro Allied investments.
“You can refuse to buy recharge card for your phone, you can refuse to paint your house, you can refuse to buy a new car but there is no way any human being can refuse to eat food and this food comes from agriculture.
“We are blessed with the land, we are blessed with the climate and then we are blessed with the brilliant youth. So, agriculture and ICTwill be my major focus when it comes to legislation to empower the youth.
“There will also be other projects that the federal government has in place, my ability to influence those projects to be directed towards my constituency, it will be topmost on my priority list.”