Mathematically Minded Mum Sparks Laughter with Calculation of Sparse Filling in Tesco’s Vegan Sandwich

Mathematically Minded Mum Sparks Laughter with Calculation of Sparse Filling in Tesco’s Vegan Sandwich

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

A humorous incident unfolded when Sarah Fox, a mathematically inclined mother, discovered that her Tesco’s vegan sandwich had less than 40 percent filling.


After purchasing the plant-based all-day breakfast sandwich from a Tesco superstore in Ruby, Warwickshire, Sarah took a bite and was surprised by the scarcity of filling.

Determined to quantify the exact amount, Sarah, who admittedly struggled with math in school but is now self-taught, spent five minutes using her mathematical skills to estimate that the filling constituted less than half of the sandwich.

She even created a diagram alongside a playful note emphasizing that no animals were harmed during the mathematical investigation.

A Prank that Received Mixed Reactions

Sarah’s intention behind the lighthearted endeavor was to bring a smile to others’ faces.

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The online response to her prank was varied.

Many users found it amusing and dubbed it “priceless.”


Some likened her to Sheldon, a character from the TV show The Big Bang Theory known for his scientific prowess.

Others, however, took her prank seriously, labeling her a “bit special” and suggesting she should make her own sandwich instead of complaining about the price.

Despite the mixed reactions, Sarah found the comments entertaining and responded to them in good spirits.

A New Sandwich Quest

Following the incident, Sarah declared that she would not purchase the breakfast sandwich again and would search for a new favorite sandwich, possibly even considering switching to Marks and Spencer.

She reached out to Tesco on Facebook to share her experience and was subsequently awarded a £2.80 voucher for the sandwich.

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A Light-hearted Approach to Everyday Life

For Sarah, the entire episode was a light-hearted endeavor.

Although she struggled with math in school, she recognized its importance and continued to educate herself in the subject.

Her intention was to inject humor into everyday situations.


While some individuals criticized her for having “too much time on her hands,” Sarah responded with a carefree attitude, unbothered by such comments.

Reactions and Tesco’s Response

Sarah’s post garnered 44 comments, with many finding the humor in her calculations.

Some users even created pie charts based on her findings.

However, a few individuals responded with more seriousness, calling for more precision in her calculations or suggesting she make her own sandwich instead of complaining.

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Tesco was contacted for comment regarding the incident.


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