Mark Pilgrim: Worth, profession, and more

Mark Pilgrim is an accomplished radio and television personality. He has been a DJ on 5FM, 94.7 Highveld Stereo, Hot 91.9 FM, and, most recently, Hot 102.7 FM. According to All Famous Birthday, Pilgrim also hosted the first seasons of Big Brother and Power of 10, as well.

Mark Pilgrim
According to reports, Mark Pilgrim has a net worth little below R86 million. Image via Instagram @markpilgrmza PILGRIMS AGE
There is less information regarding Mark Pilgrim’s birthplace, upbringing, and religion. The only information we have is that the 53-year-old was born on September 20, 1969, and is a Virgo.

According to multiple sources, Pilgrim married Nicole Torres on 7 July 2007 in Mauritius. In 2020, the pair divorced after 13 years together.

The couple’s first daughter, Tanya-Jean, was born in 2010, and their second daughter, Alyssa, was born in 2012.

In another narrative from The South African, on New Year’s Eve 2022, Pilgrim proposed to his girlfriend Adrienne Watkins. He was hospitalized for sixty-four days for therapy and proposed shortly after being released.

In 1988, it was revealed that Pilgrim was diagnosed with testicular cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, testicular cancer develops in testicular tissue. This form of cancer is most prevalent among young and middle-aged males.” Pilgrim has cancer at stage four. According to Cancer.Net, “at this stage, the cancer has spread to other organs or body parts. It may also be referred to as advanced or metastatic cancer. The radio personality had lung and kidney cancer detected.

All Famous Birthday said that after nine months of chemotherapy, he joined CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) as an ambassador in 2015.

• In 1980, Pilgrim worked for the student radio station of Voice of Wits at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

• In 1995, Pilgrim became a member of the 5FM radio station.

• In 2003, he broadened his horizons and began working at 94.7 Highveld Stereo in Johannesburg.

• And in 2007, the radio personality hosted a chart program on KFM and 94.7, according to SANOTIFY.

• By 2014, Pilgrim had retired from radio and made his return to HOT 91.9FM

• According to reports, the radio personality received the MTN Radio Award for Best Weekend Radio in 2015.

• Additionally, he apparently received the Liberty Radio Award for Best Daytime Show in South Africa in 2019.

According to some accounts, Pilgrims was one of the wealthiest radio personalities in the country. His estimated net worth is just below R86 million.

»Mark Pilgrim: Worth, profession, and more«

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