Man in Porthcawl Slashes Tyre of Speed Camera Van in Startling Act of Vandalism

Man in Porthcawl Slashes Tyre of Speed Camera Van in Startling Act of Vandalism

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

The Vandalism Incident

In a peculiar incident near Porthcawl, a man deliberately pulled in front of a speed camera van and proceeded to slash one of its front tyres.


Charles Richards carried out this act within a brief 30-second stop along the A4106, leaving the road safety partnership GoSafe baffled.

The Details Unfold

According to a spokesperson from GoSafe, the incident occurred at around 4:45 PM on Sunday, April 9.

Richards, while driving along the A4106, abruptly positioned his vehicle in front of the GoSafe van and came to a halt.

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He then exited his car on the dual carriageway and approached the van with what appeared to be a yellow utility knife.

In a swift motion, he slashed the front tyre of the GoSafe van before promptly retreating to his own vehicle and driving away.

Capture and Identification

The entire incident was captured by the CCTV installed on the GoSafe vehicle, allowing authorities to identify Richards as the perpetrator.


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The 38-year-old resident of Attlee Road in Nantyglo was subsequently charged with causing criminal damage to a police vehicle.

Verdict and Consequences

Following the legal proceedings at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court, Richards was found guilty of the offense.

The court imposed a £1,066 fine on him, along with a £426 victim services surcharge, £85 in prosecution costs, and £43 in compensation.


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