Man convinces father to leave GOP, demands entire family follow suit

Ryan Short, a 42-year-old gay man living in Washington state, recently wrote an email demanding that his entire family stop voting Republican and forcing his father to leave the GOP.

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This came after a conversation with his 80-year-old father Richard, a veteran living in Dallas, Texas, during which Richard confirmed he was still Republican.

Ryan then emailed dozens of family members, saying, “you cannot vote for the GOP and continue to have a relationship with me. No exceptions.”

Ryan believes that the GOP’s rhetoric against the LGBTQ+ community is harmful, and he believes that voting Republican would divide the family.

He tweeted the email and a negative reaction from a family member, which gained over 15,000 likes. However, some criticized Ryan’s approach, with one user calling him a “spoiled ungrateful brat.”

Ryan noted that young people who are of various identities have been asking if they could use his email to make similar demands.

He explained that he has several LGBTQ+ relatives, and even those who are not are supportive, but he thinks their political beliefs do not back them up. Although Ryan has mostly received positive responses, his Twitter account is currently suspended.

Richard initially reacted to Ryan’s request quickly, without thinking, but he eventually came around and even resigned from the Collin County Republican club he belongs to.

“I was so worried that I had lost my son,” Richard said. “And luckily, I have a son in Ryan who accepted my sincere, open, and honest apology.”

»Man convinces father to leave GOP, demands entire family follow suit«

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