Mamelodi Gogo, age 72, displays her soccer skills

Mamelodi Gogo, age 72, displays her soccer skills

Sarah Shonisani, a 72-year-old Mamelodi Gogo, challenges senior persons to join her soccer team and eliminate all unneeded sicknesses and worry.

Gogo Sara Shonisani, a defender, claims she is over 70 years old yet can compete with any young man or woman.

Her day begins with a morning run, after which she returns home, bathes, and eats her porridge before taking her blood pressure medication.

72-year-old Gogo Sarah Shonisani is a defender for her soccer club, and she can show you the ropes. Image: Supplied
“I have no other illnesses, and my hypertension is stable because I play soccer and am physically fit.”

Gogo Shonisani established the Mamelodi Shonisani Soccer Team in 2010 following the Fifa World Cup of Soccer.

She grinned as she explained, “I play defense because I enjoy the backline and prevent the opponent from scoring.”

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This vivacious and outgoing woman invites all older folks who enjoy soccer or wish to stay fit to join us on the field.

GOGO SHONISANI SAYS THAT SOCCER IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH “This is an excellent form of exercise, and it eliminates all ailments, chronic diseases, and stress.”

“Our senior citizens used to complain about getting tired and having joint pains, and they used to frequent clinics and hospitals, but they are now healthier and happier.”

Gogo Shonisani stated that men and women should quit lounging around at home, and alcoholics must give up their vices and join the team.

UIM has filed a lawsuit against Ramaphosa, ESKOM, and Nersa.

Shonisani states that the team will begin accepting new members on February 13, 2023, and she anticipates a great deal of interest.

“We welcome anybody over the age of 35. I’m the oldest player on the team, but I’m not required to stand back for anyone.”

Come join us and make new friends; as a team sport, you will also feel wanted and valued.

Shonisani states that they are seeking new talent to demonstrate their dribbling talents.

According to Gogo Shonisani, they frequently play friendly games with neighboring townships, which is one of their highlights.

The Shonisani Soccer Team practices at the Mamelodi West Muckleneuk Sports Grounds from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

»Mamelodi Gogo, age 72, displays her soccer skills«

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