Lagos Policewoman Detained After Resignation Submission: Pleads for Assistance

Lagos Policewoman Detained After Resignation Submission: Pleads for Assistance

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

The Lagos State Police Command has detained policewoman Fauzziyah Isiak following her resignation, which she claims has remained unapproved for an extended period.


Isiak took to Twitter to share her ordeal, stating that she was unexpectedly detained without any prior interrogation.

Her desperate plea for assistance underscores the distressing situation she finds herself in.

Detained Without Interrogation:

Isiak expressed her shock at being detained without undergoing any form of interrogation.

She explained that her intention was solely to resign from the police force, as she had attempted to do so on multiple occasions throughout the previous year.

However, her resignation letters had not been approved, prolonging her dissatisfaction with her work.

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On the specified day for an interview, she had hoped her resignation would finally be granted, only to be informed that she would be detained, tried, and dismissed.


Urgent Plea for Help:

Isiak detailed the challenges she faced during her detention, mentioning that she had not been able to change her clothes or sanitary pad.

Distressed and isolated, she revealed that her mother had been contacted and requested to plead on her behalf.

Sharing her heartfelt plea, she expressed a strong desire to return home.

Aware that her phone’s battery life was limited, she reached out for assistance, hoping that someone would read her message and come to her aid.

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Police Spokesman’s Response:

In response to Isiak’s claims, Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police, stated that she had absconded from her job for approximately one month.

According to Hundeyin, her actions constituted desertion, displaying a blatant disregard for the terms and conditions of her service contract that she had willingly agreed to.


The detention of policewoman Fauzziyah Isiak, after she submitted her resignation, has raised concerns about her treatment within the Lagos State Police Command.

Isiak’s plea for help highlights the urgent need for attention to her situation and a resolution to her predicament.


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