Joe Biden Nominates General Charles Brown as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Praises His Heroism and Fight Against Racism

Joe Biden Nominates General Charles Brown as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Praises His Heroism and Fight Against Racism

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

US President Joe Biden has put forward the nomination of General Charles Brown for the position of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Biden praised Brown as a hero who not only survived ejecting from a fighter jet into a swamp but also fought against racism throughout his career as a Black pilot.

If confirmed by the Senate, General Brown, also known as “CQ” Brown, will become Biden’s senior military advisor.

This historic nomination would make him only the second Black man to hold this position and would mark the first time that African Americans have simultaneously filled both of the military’s top jobs.

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President Biden, speaking in the White House Rose Garden, commended General Brown’s military family background and described him as a warrior from a proud lineage of warriors.

Biden shared a lighthearted anecdote about Brown’s experience as a pilot, including a moment when his F-16 jet caught fire, and he ejected into a Florida swamp.

The president praised Brown for his extensive firsthand knowledge of US military operations worldwide and his earned respect from allies and partners.


Biden emphasized that Brown’s experience would be a valuable asset as they navigate challenges and competition with China, along with addressing renewed aggression from Russia.

Biden also highlighted the importance of emerging technologies in the evolving nature of conflicts and mentioned the potential of AI and 3D printing.

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The nomination of General Brown aligns with Biden’s commitment to promoting diversity and elevating minorities to top positions in his administration.

The president portrayed Brown’s nomination as a celebration of the principle that all men and women are created equal.

If confirmed by the Senate, General Brown will succeed Army General Mark Milley, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the tumultuous tenure of former President Donald Trump.


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