Jack McDermott, son of Dean, blames his mother of adding’strain’ to the family

The oldest kid of Dean McDermott is coming out against his mother, Mary Jo Eustace.

Jack Montgomery McDermott alleged in a since-deleted Instagram post that his ex-wife, Eustace, had been spreading false information about his stepmother, Tori Spelling, and half siblings.

The 24-year-old said that he could “no longer remain silent” after his mother reportedly strained their family dynamic.

People said that the post started, “Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have seldom spoken up since I like to keep out of it.”

The alumnus of San Francisco State University said that his father, 56, quit cohosting the “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” podcast with Eustace after she reportedly attacked his family.

“He decided to leave as a result of nasty remarks about our family and repeated attempts to tarnish his reputation. “He also decided to quit owing to the show’s producer breaking his confidence and leaking sensitive information,” Jack said in the description of the picture, which featured photographs from the family’s recent Christmas card.

In a social media post that has since been removed, Jack discussed his mother’s alleged

“For the past 17 years, my father has made amends for previous errors. He has significantly evolved as a person. Our two families lived in peace up until a week ago.”

However, Jack asserted that the former couple’s podcast caused a “division” between the two families that “cannot be bridged.”

“I request that you take the material presented on ‘Exes & Uh-Ohs’ with a grain of salt,” he concluded.

The actress and Jack’s father divorced in 2006.

“My mother requests that you respect me and my blended family,” Please refrain from straining our family dynamic more. The previous several years have been filled with nothing except peace and pleasure, and I humbly request that we strive to maintain it that way,” the message added.

According to a source close to Eustace, she “respects Jack’s freedom to express himself”

Since then, he’s been dating Tori Spelling.

“I’m sure it hurts MaryJo’s feelings to hear that her kid is speaking adversely about her. “Unfortunately, the realities are that Dean was disloyal and left Mary Jo and the children, as well as being unfaithful to Tori,” the source alleged.

Mary Jo conducted 90 percent of the parenting and has been a steady and caring mom.

Along with Jack, they share three boys and two daughters.

Dean and Spelling have children Liam, 15, Finn, 10, and Beau, 5, and Stella, 14, and Hattie, 11, in addition to Jack.

After months of speculations that they were divorcing, the couple, who wed in 2006, recently debunked reports that they were splitting up.

“Everything is incredible. Everything is amazing. In an interview with The Sun last month, Dean said of his marriage to Spelling, “We’re having a lot of fun.”

»Jack McDermott, son of Dean, blames his mother of adding’strain’ to the family«

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