It’s an invasion of privacy: Msaki on the Smash Africa cheating allegations

It’s an invasion of privacy: Msaki on the Smash Africa cheating allegations

Msaki has cleared her reputation in the ugly adultery controversy involving 5FM radio personality Afrika “Smash Afrika” Mdutyulwa and his estranged wife Kefiloe Chuene in which she was embroiled last year.

During her interview on Africa’s most popular podcast show Podcast and Chill on Thursday, January 19, the singer informed hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka that she had nothing to do with the breakup of the relationship and all the allegations about her pain.

In November, the Fetch Your Life hitmaker and the radio host made news after a relative of Kefiloe’s notified Sunday World that they were having an affair.

Additionally, Msaki’s mysterious tweets have supporters concerned.

According to the source, Msaki is one of the primary reasons why Smash Afrika’s two-year marriage to Kefiloe terminated. Kefiloe is the daughter of Rami Chuene, a great actress. The former couple has a daughter together.

According to the source, Kefiloe discovered photographs of the rumored pair as well as a letter in which the Ubomi Abumanga hitmaker professed her everlasting love for the presenter.

Msaki stated on Podcast and Chill that she was hurt by the rumors and called the tale a “gross violation of privacy.”

Msaki told the hosts that she had nothing to do with Smash Afrika’s divorce, claiming that she was targeted for clicks and influence since she is problem-free and focuses solely on her music.

Initially, the mother of three did not wish to confront the rumors.

She remarked, “It is not my story to tell, MacG, and I would have expected the person whose story it is to clarify.”

This is the sole piece of personal information that has been made public about me in the past decade.

When asked if she wanted to clear the air, she responded, “I suppose it would be unwise of me not to simply state that I had nothing to do with the end of that relationship.”

In addition, the singer stated that she was saddened that the person whose tale it is did not take the initiative to clear her name, and that she was humiliated that something personal was published for all to see.

A complete love letter. The newspaper published a letter. I wrote something from the heart, and it was published in a tabloid. “How humiliating!” she exclaimed.

Msaki also attacked the media, accusing it of malice for portraying her as a homewrecker, a name she claims now follows her.

When asked if she had spoken with Smash Afrika since the scandal, she responded that they had been on good terms for a time, but she was upset that he did not simply clear the air and tell the truth.

“All I did in that circumstance was love and encourage that person, and I believed they were free of whatever their past meant.” “Unfortunately, I’ve been dragged into it to make it appear as though I broke something that I found already broken,” she stated.

She also clarified her marital status, revealing that she is not married.

»It’s an invasion of privacy: Msaki on the Smash Africa cheating allegations«

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