Is SSC CGL Good Job? Job Profile and Salary

Is SSC CGL Good Job? Job Profile and Salary

The SSC CGL(Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level) is an exam that is conducted by the SSC to recruit candidates for Group B & Group C posts. SSC CGL is the most popular government exam held nationwide, with more than 120 centres in the country. It is one of the most sought-after exams as it offers posts in various departments and ministries within the Government of India. The level of competition for SSC CGL 2022 is somewhat high as nearly 15 lakh candidates appear for the exam every year. The exam is also popular among aspirants for its lower difficulty levels, and the time required to prepare for it is also less (5-7 months). The age limit for the exam ranges from 18 to 30, and the candidate has to be at least a graduate in the field as required by their SSC CGL job profile. The application fee for the exam is ₹100 and it is free for women and candidates who belong to the reserved categories. You can attempt as many times as you like, as there is no limitation on the number of attempts. 

SSC CGL Job Profile:

Every year the SSC CGL candidates fill around 8000 vacancies by applying for different Group B and Group C jobs within the various departments and ministries of the government. Each department requires its respective qualifications. 

  • There are around 10-posts in the Group B jobs:
  1. Assistant 
  2. Assistant Account Officer 
  3. Assistant Audit Officer 
  4. Assistant Section Officer
  5. Inspector
  6. Sub-Inspector 
  7. Inspector (Central Excise)
  8. Junior Statistical Officer 
  9. Assistant Enforcement Officer 
  10. Statistical Investigator Grade-II
  • Following are the Group C jobs for SSC CGL 2022:
  1. Auditor 
  2. Accountant
  3. Junior Accountant
  4. Senior Secretariat Assistant  
  5. Tax Assistance
  6. Inspector of Income Tax
  7. Upper Division Clerks

Though the SSC CGL job profile changes with the respective jobs in Groups B & C, there are a few notable tasks and duties that are common in the SSC CGL 2022:

Government Administration:

A government administrator creates and implements policies. Communication is one of the strong suits of government administrators as they need to communicate the rules, and policies to the managers and employees.

Inspection and Raids:

This task is mostly performed by Excise Officers and Income Tax Inspectors. Income tax inspectors are required to find anomalies and errors in taxes. The Inspection that is carried out by the employees, keeps production, machinery, demand etc. in check. Inspection and raids are mostly duties of a field job which the employees have to perform to catch fraud and other suspicious activities. 


Filing or record keeping is done by almost all of the aforementioned SSC CGL job profiles. 

The Desirability of SSC CGL Job Profile: 

There are many reasons why SSC CGL is popular in the country, one of them being the job security that comes with the SSC CGL job. In today’s time and age, finding the perfect work-life balance is next to impossible, but an SSC CGL gives one the comfort of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You get to work 5-days a week without having to put in extra hours. The absence of work pressure allows the employees to grow in terms of a career within the government organisation. Despite the jobs being in the government sector, the employees are not subjected to a transfer for a very long time causing the SSC CGL job profile to be all the more desirable

SSC CGL Salary: 

When looking for a job, people usually look for two things, work environment and salary. When it comes to  SSC CGL salary, it varies from job to job. The pay scale ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 1,50,000, depending on the post and the city. The reason why the SSC CGL job profile is appealing is that along with your SSC CGL salary you get a lot of perks and allowances. 

House Rent Allowance: 

HRA is an allowance given to the employees in each post to relieve them from housing expenses. A Housing Rent Allowance is a part of the SSC CGL salary that ranges from INR 2040 to INR 11,424, depending on the pay level and the city. 

Dearness Allowance: 

The government provides the employees in each post an amount that is incorporated into their salary as a cost of living adjustment. The dearness allowance is 34% of an employee’s salary. The dearness allowance ranges from INR 4335 to INR 8092 depending upon the pay scale. 

Travel Allowance: 

Travel Allowance, as the name suggests is the conveyance fee given by the government to employees. Travel Allowances vary from city to city. Travel Allowance ranges from INR 1800 to INR 3600, depending upon the pay scale. 


The reason why the SSC CGL is such an extensive exam is that the employees in the SSC CGL job profile are guaranteed a secured future due to the provision of a pension. Employees enjoy perks for the SSC CGL job profile even after retiring as the employees get a sturdy income as a pension every month after their retirement. 

»Is SSC CGL Good Job? Job Profile and Salary«

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