Investigation Discovery Unveils Chilling True Crime Episode: The Craig Rideout Murder Case

Investigation Discovery Unveils Chilling True Crime Episode: The Craig Rideout Murder Case

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Investigation Discovery, a multinational television network specializing in true crime documentaries, is set to broadcast an episode this week centered around the Craig Rideout murder case.


Titled “The Devil’s Bathtub,” the sixty-minute episode delves into the circumstances surrounding a mother and her son committing the murder of someone close to them.

The synopsis reveals that in 2016, Craig Rideout, a father of seven, was reported missing after an unusual home intrusion.

Shortly afterward, the police discovered a body resembling Craig’s description fifty miles away.

Through the use of surveillance footage and forensics, detectives uncover an astonishing plot.

Craig Rideout’s story will be featured in the 11th season of Investigation Discovery’s show called “See No Evil.”

The show focuses on real-life crimes and primarily emphasizes the role of surveillance cameras in solving criminal cases.


The episode will comprehensively cover all aspects of the murder case, featuring interviews with key figures such as the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, who led the investigation.

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The Disappearance and Discovery of Craig Rideout’s Body

On the morning of July 20th, 2016, Craig Rideout was reported missing, prompting a heightened response from authorities due to his unexpected disappearance.

Given his previously normal life and absence of apparent mental health issues, law enforcement did not initially suspect that Craig had willingly vanished.

Craig, an IT specialist and a father-of-seven from Rochester, New York, tragically met a gruesome end.

Just as the police were about to commence their investigation, they stumbled upon Craig’s bloodied and dismembered body wrapped in a tarp, discarded alongside a wooded area in Yates County.

Preliminary investigations indicated that Craig Rideout had been strangled to death, and his face and fingernails had been completely burned off.

Initially unrecognizable, it took authorities several days to properly identify the body as Craig’s.

The dental records were used for identification since the remaining parts of the victim’s body were unidentifiable.


The Culprit Behind Craig Rideout’s Murder

Once it became clear that Craig had met a violent demise, the police turned their attention to the investigation of his murder.

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From the beginning, the authorities suspected Craig’s estranged wife, Laura, of being involved in his brutal killing.

Their suspicions grew stronger when Craig’s sister made a frantic 911 call, reporting that she had seen Laura at his Penfield townhouse, cleaning and disposing of garbage bags.

Finding the motive behind a murder is a crucial step in any investigation.

In this case, Laura, the prime suspect, had a compelling motive to kill her former husband.

At the time of his death, the couple was in the midst of a divorce and custody battle over their two youngest children.

Legal proceedings were impeding Laura and her boyfriend Paul’s plans to relocate to North Carolina.

Shockingly, the investigation unfolded further when, on the day after Craig’s body was discovered, the police found two of Craig and Laura’s sons at Devil’s Bathtub Pond in Mendon Ponds Park.


In the trunk of their car, a bag filled with bloody clothing awaited disposal.

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Additionally, another bag containing crucial evidence had been tossed into the pond but fortuitously floated to the surface when the authorities arrived.

Consequently, the police charged and arrested Colin and Alexander Rideout for disposing of incriminating evidence.

By apprehending the victim’s sons, the police were able to establish the connection between Laura and her estranged husband’s murder.

Laura, her boyfriend Paul Tucci, and her two sons were arrested based on DNA evidence, surveillance footage, and the presence of bloody garments.


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