Inspiring Fifty Europe 2022 awards: Linda Knutsen emerges as one of the Top 50 Women in European Technology

Head of Exploration Division Linda Knutsen has been named as one of the Top 50 Women in European Technology at the InspiringFifty Europe 2022 awards.
For her efforts in defense, science, and technology, Linda Gilding has been named one of the top fifty inspirational women by the Ministry of Defence (Dstl).
She was identified as a future leader at Dstl ten years ago, and she is honored to be featured in this year’s list. Linda believes it is critical for women to have a role model in top management.
Linda Russell has been named one of the top 50 female IT executives in the UK for her contributions to the industry’s transformation.
She was most recently a capability leader for Dstl’s Platform Systems Division, where she was in charge of over 1,000 scientists and engineers.
She was in charge of forging critical strategic alliances and delivering scientific and technology thought leadership. Linda is presented with the prize during a ceremony in Westminster Abbey to kick off London Tech Week.
She said:
“I am humbled and delighted to be included in the top fifty inspirational women and honoured to work alongside so many other trailblazers in Dstlwho will undoubtedly be contending for a place on this list in the future.”
“Dstl has undertaken talent management for some time, and rather like a football scout spotting talent of the future, I was one of those people who was spotted 10 years ago as a future leader.”
“I think it is important for women to have a role model within their senior leadership, and I take my responsibility of being that role model for our female staff in Dstl very seriously.”
“Senior roles in any organisation should represent society at large. I like to think I can be my true self at work at a senior level, and I hope that it inspires women to have confidence in being themselves too.”