In a Lane of Her Own: Teni Proclaims Her Uniqueness Among Nigerian Singers

In a Lane of Her Own: Teni Proclaims Her Uniqueness Among Nigerian Singers

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Teni Claims She Has a Unique Sound Among Nigerian Artists


Nigerian singer Teni, also known as Teniola Apata, recently expressed her belief that she stands apart from other Nigerian artists.

During an Instagram live session with fans, Teni confidently stated that her colleagues in the industry all sound the same, while she possesses a distinct and unique sound.

Teni asserted that her fellow artists are aware of her individuality but choose to pretend otherwise.

She also emphasized that she possesses the ability to pick up a microphone and create an album instantly, highlighting her musical prowess.

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In her own words, Teni exclaimed, “All of you sound the same. I will bring a different sound, and you act like you’re deaf and cannot hear it.

It’s clear to everyone.


Stop comparing me to others; I have my own lane.

I can stand alone with a microphone and make an album right now.

You all know this fact.”

Teni’s confidence in her musical abilities is evident, and she asserts her uniqueness in an industry where many artists tend to follow similar trends.

Her claim of having a distinct sound sets her apart and showcases her confidence in her artistry.

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Furthermore, Teni recently shared a humorous video on her social media platform, calling out her current “broke” sugar daddy.

In the video, she humorously expresses her disappointment with his inconsiderate behavior.

Teni mentions that the man asked her to travel to Abuja with her friends using the train, raising the question of whether he would treat his own daughters in a similar manner.


In addition, Teni reveals that the sugar daddy sent her a mere N1,500 for data while demanding something sweet, along with N50,000, despite being aware of the high cost of her wig and the economic situation in the country.

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She concludes the video by announcing her search for a new sugar daddy, implying that the current one does not meet her financial expectations.

Teni’s light-hearted video showcases her playful personality and ability to connect with her audience through relatable content.

It adds an element of humor to her public persona and reinforces her candid and down-to-earth image.

Overall, Teni’s recent statements and video demonstrate her self-assuredness and individuality as an artist, along with her humorous and relatable approach to engaging with her fans.


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