“I wish I had never attempted to illegally enter the United Kingdom,” says deported Albanian migrant

A deported Albanian illegal immigrant who paid £3,500 to be smuggled into the United Kingdom by tiny boat encouraged others not to follow in his footsteps.

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover, Kent, onboard the Ramsgate Lifeboat following a small boat incident in the Channel on October 27, 2022
The man, identified only as Artan, said he hired thieves to cross the English Channel after borrowing money from friends.

Artan, who calls himself a “economic migrant,” characterized the trek as “painful” and “very frightening.”

He stated that French police “accompanied” their boat into British seas after British police were notified of their presence.

The officials met them in the sea, placed them in a boat with life jackets, and brought them to land.

Artan was subsequently transported to the Kent welcome center in Manston.

He informed officials he was an economic immigrant, and the next day he was deported to Albania.

Artan described the crossing of the English Channel as “an unfathomable fear.” Certainly, I would advise against selecting the dinghy. If there is a legal method to leave, with a visa, then by all means do it, but never consider departing on a dinghy.

The Ramsgate Lifeboat brings a group of persons believed to be migrants to Dover, Kent, on October 27, 2022, after a small boat mishap in the Channel.Artan - not his real name - had managed to film some of his journey across the Channel

Artan – not his real name – had filmed a portion of his crossing of the English Channel.

In a BBC interview, he stated, “The traffickers were equipped with knives and firearms.” They continually warned us not to video anything and even not to smoke cigarettes since the light would reveal our position.

The crossing of the English Channel was torturous. It was extremely cold, stormy, and terrifying.

Twenty minutes into our voyage, a French police vessel came. They saw us from a distance of around 200 meters, which comforted us. They remained for at least three hours. Then we entered British seas and contacted the British police.

They informed us that they were coming to retrieve us and that we should not worry. They were well-mannered, hospitable, and courteous. We leapt into a British police boat, where we were issued life vests.’Artan used his mobile phone to document the small boat trip through the choppy waters

He was transferred to the Manston facility in Kent, which was meant to retain persons who had entered the United Kingdom by small boat for a few of days while they were processed and alternative housing was arranged.

However, despite being designed to hold up to 1,600 people simultaneously, by the end of October, there were almost 4,000 individuals there, including young families who had been there for more than 30 days.

Artan utilized his cell phone to record the little boat’s journey over the turbulent waves.

According to him, the French witnessed them depart French seas and enter British territory.He said the French watched them leave France's waters and carry on into UK territory

A view of the Manston immigration detention facility in Thanet, Kent, which is located in the former Defence Fire Training and Assessment Centre.

According to accounts, families were forced to sleep on the floor for weeks owing to a lack of beds at the location.

However, Artan reported that he was swiftly sent away by authorities after explaining why he had arrived.

He stated, “I told the woman who was interrogating me, “I realize I’ve entered illegally, but I’m not here for pleasure. I’m here because I wish to work. I didn’t seek refuge.’

I informed them that I am an economic immigrant. My father has a handicap. Since 1995, he has been living on a pension for the disabled, which is insufficient to cover the cost of his own medication.

If you enter a foreign nation without the required papers, visas, and stamps, you are obviously doing it illegally.

“There are legal means, but I was in a rush. I chose the quickest and cheapest option. The visa should be cheaper, but I required assistance with the application, which costs more than the dinghy ride.’

His brief journey to the United Kingdom ended when he was seized by police from the center and placed on a bus to the airport.

He is now prohibited from entering other European nations for three years.

Artan adds, ‘From the minute I boarded the bus and realized I was being deported until I landed in Albania, I sobbed the entire way.’

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