Hayden Panettiere says Wladimir Klitschko thought she caused her postpartum depression

Hayden Panettiere stated that her ex-partner, Wladimir Klitschko, blamed her for postpartum depression following the birth of their daughter, Kaya.

Panettiere made these remarks on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Red Table Talk.” The actress confessed in 2014 that she suffered from postpartum depression a few weeks following the birth of her daughter Kaya.

When questioned if Klitschko “recognized” it, Panettiere stated that he did not really comprehend its impact on her.

“I admire him for being such a determined individual. He is really optimistic. Athletes are simply highly motivated. This mentality is very astounding “Panettiere said. “However, he is a man without any sisters. Therefore, he believed that I was acting in a self-destructive manner and that I could just choose to stop.”

“When he signs his emails, the phrase “when you control your thoughts, you control everything” is shown. I constantly look at it and think, “That’s not true!”” Panettiere added.

Panettiere also highlighted how her alcoholism contributed to her postpartum depression during the incident.

Panettiere continued, “Some people believed it was a personal choice — being depressed at all is a personal choice – and I could simply snap my fingers.” I had the impression that few people comprehended it.

Hayden Panettiere with ex-fiancé Wladimir Klitschko in 2016.

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Panettiere noted that she lacked the ability to discuss her postpartum depression or seek assistance, so she depended on a coping method.

“I performed what I had observed my family and friends do anytime they were depressed, upset, or experiencing anything else,” Panettiere explained.

According to the CDC, postpartum depression is a “common and dangerous condition” that arises after giving birth. According to data from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, around 1 in 8 women who have just given birth to a live child report postpartum depression symptoms.

Symptoms include excessive crying, feeling distant from your newborn, withdrawing from loved ones, and doubting your capacity to care for your infant, according to the CDC.

Hayden Panettiere stated that her daughter requested permission to call other women “mother.”

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According to a recent Insider article, postpartum depression can continue for months or years, although the majority of women recover within six months. Postpartum depression is more prevalent among first-time moms, young mothers, and mothers of twins, although it can equally afflict biological and adoptive parents.

During the episode, Panettiere also discussed the existing custody agreement between her and Klitschko.

Kaya, who is now 7 years old, began living with Klitschko in Ukraine in 2018 while Panettiere received alcoholism treatment.

Panettiere stated that she visits her daughter as frequently as possible, but that the distance has had an effect on Kaya.

“I also recall her father calling me and saying, ‘Kaya is asking other ladies whether she can call them mama,’” Panettiere recalled. “And my heart and breathing both halted. And he was laughing because he found this amusing.”

She went on: “This is a trauma response. This is a call for aid.”

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