Ghana: invitation to tender for electrical materials

Scope of service

The goods to be provided are as captured but not limited to the below table. Kindly note, this will be a Framework of Agreement and that it will be an order, as and when there will be a need for such items by the authority.

2. Electrical materials

Waterproof Single Bell switch (IP66)40W Circular bulbHeat wireless Alarm7.6x450mm Cable tie pack250W Direct bulb20Amp RCBO Schneider breaker
10Amp Single Switch IP666W LED pin bulb whiteAlarm Controller switch7.6x500mm Cable tie pack250W Mercury bulb20Amp MCB 3pole Schneider breaker
Pull cord switch6W LED starter bulb white20mm PVC 2-way conduit box9.0x650mm Cable tie pack4×4 Metal Junction box IP6632Amp MCB Schneider breaker
Shaver light complete5W LED (RED) starter bulb20mm PVC 3-way conduit boxIP 66 Single pole switch4×4 PVC Junction box63Amp MCB Schneider breaker
Electrical Bell switch6W LED E14 candle bulb20mm PVC 4-way conduit box6Amp Ceiling switch (surface 2way)63Amp HRC Fuse63Amp 4pole MCB Schneider breaker
One gang-two way switch6W LED spot light pin bulb20mm PVC angle conduit box16x16mm PVC Trunking1.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(brown)100Amp RCCB, 300mA breaker
Two gang-two way switch5.5W LED Energy bulb screw25mm PVC straight conduit box (2way)16x25mm PVC Trunking1.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(blue)18W LED Panel light complete
Three gang-two way switch15W Blue Energy saving bulb25mm PVC 90* conduit box25x40mm PVC Trunking1.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(yellow & green)18W LED Circular Ceiling light complete IP55
20Amp 2pole AC switch7W White Energy saving bulb25mm PVC one way conduit box50x100mm PVC Trunking2.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(brown)50W LED Security light
13Amp Double socket outlet35W Halogen pin bulb25mm PVC Tee way conduit box100x100mm PVC Trunking2.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(blue)100W LED Security light
13Amp Single socket outlet50W/240V Halogen bulbPlastic Enclosure (2 – 12) ways3-Compartible PVC Trunking2.5mm2 stranded conduit cable(yellow & green)50W LED Security flood light
20Amp 2pole Water heater switch55W 2Gill-4pin energy saver (Biax L)3×3 Metal conduit box20W fluorescent choke4mm2 stranded conduit cable(brown)100W LED Security flood light
45Amp Cooker control unit36W 2Gill-4pin energy saver (Biax L)3×6 Metal conduit box40W fluorescent choke4mm2 stranded conduit cable(blue)20Amp AC 4pole Isolator
3×6 PVC Patress box30W T4 slim line fluorescent fitting complete(T430)4” Extractor fan13W Choke4mm2 stranded conduit cable(yellow & green)32Amp 4pole Isolator
3×3 PVC Patress box14W T5 slim line fluorescent fitting complete6” Extractor fan20W S2 Starter6mm2 stranded conduit cable(brown)600 x 600 LED Panel light complete
3×3 PVC Blank plate16W 2D-4pin bulb9” Extractor fan40W S10 Starter6mm2 stranded conduit cable(blue)600 x 600 LED Emergency kit
3×6 PVC Blank plate16W 2D-2pin bulb4” Xpelair Axial extractor fan6 -9W LED Driver6mm2 stranded conduit cable(green & yellow)600 x 600 LED light metal mounting kit
3×3 Blank plate with flex outlet28W 2D – 2pin bulb9” Vent Axial In-line flow fan8 -12W LED Driver10mm2 stranded conduit cable (Red, Yellow, Green, blue, green & yellow)3W LED Emergency light
Circular PVC cover plate28W 2D – 4pin bulb20mm PVC conduit pipe8 -18W LED Driver16mm2 stranded conduit cable (Red, Yellow, Green, blue, green & yellow)13W Recess light
9W (ES) Screw energy saver bulbT5 8W fluorescent Cabinet light complete20mm PVC adaptor18 -24W LED Driver2Core 2.5mm2+earth FP Cable coils50W LED Spot light fitting
9W (BC) Pin energy saver bulbT5 8W fluorescent Cabinet bulbM25 x 1.5 PVC Glands24 – 36W LED Driver2Core 1.5mm2+earth FP Cable coilsG9 LED bulb
20W (ES) Screw energy saver bulbPorcelain Screw lamp holderPG 16 PVC glands20W 2ft fluorescent tube2Core 4mm2+earth FP Cable coilsG LED bulb
20W (BC) Screw energy saver bulbElectronic Photo cellPG 13.5 PVC glands40W 4ft fluorescent tubePack of PF cable saddles10W/12V Halogen bulb
26W – 2pin energy saver bulbXpelair ceiling fan20S Brass Metal cable glandsT5 2Ft fluorescent tube1.5mm2 x 3core flexible cable coil100W/240V Halogen bulb
26W – 4pin energy saver bulbCeiling rose25L Brass Metal cable glandsT5 4Ft fluorescent tube2.5mm2 x 3core flexible cable coil1500W/240V Halogen bulb
13W – 2pin energy saver bulbPlastic lamp holder13Amp Spur unit fuse/switchedT5 5Ft fluorescent tube6Amp RCBO Schneider breakerEarth Bonding clips
13W – 4pin energy saver bulbCeiling Fan Complete13Amp Spur unit fused only2FT Single Diffuser fitting complete IP6616Amp MCB Schneider breakerRoll of Insulation tape ( Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow & Green)
18W – 2pin energy saver bulb13Amp plug4.8x200mm Cable tie pack2FT Double Diffuser fitting complete IP6616Amp RCBO Schneider breakerMK Motion sensor
18W – 4pin energy saver bulb15Amp Round plug4.8x370mm Cable tie pack4FT Single Diffuser fitting complete IP6620Amp MCB Schneider breaker
42W – 4pin energy saver bulbSmoke wireless Alarm7.6x300mm Cable tie pack4FT Double Diffuser fitting complete IP6625Amp MCB Schneider breaker

3. Premises

The location and premises at which the service provider will be required to deliver goods is at the British High Commission (BHC) in Accra. The full address will be provided after the contract has been awarded.

4. Customer care

The service provider shall follow best practice principles in their contact with the BHC. This includes, but is not limited to that:

  • all staff under the duty of care of the service provider must wear an identity card at all times when in the premises of the BHC or its properties
  • staff shall work as quietly as possible and take steps to minimise disruptions
  • the service provider will adhere to times set for delivery of items ordered and if due to unavoidable circumstance, shall inform the BHC within 24 hours on a rescheduled date and time to complete the delivery
  • the service provider shall provide a system for the BHC to raise complaints and respond to the same within the agreed Service Level Agreement time frames

5. Security and Access

The supplier and their team members delivering the items within the grounds of the authority shall observe the security regulations that are in place and wear and display at all times, the security pass that has been issued.
The vendor’s team on this project will be required to undergo a security check by the security team of the authority before commencing work within the grounds of the BHC. Under no circumstance will uncleared members be permitted to conduct work on site. The vendor’s team shall also be subject to personal security checks, both upon entering and leaving the BHC. Any loss of a security pass must be reported immediately to the security helpdesk.
You should provide details of any vehicle that would require access to offload materials or equipment. The vehicle is subject to a security check, including by an explosives detection dog. Any vehicle entering the grounds must observe the speed limit, which is 10km per hour.
Access to the authority’s premises is only permitted upon prior approval of at least 24 hours notice. The contractor must confine his staff to the areas of working only.

6. Personal protective equipment

The service provider will:

  • supply all staff under its duty of care with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to conduct their work in full compliance with Health & Safety procedures
  • ensure all necessary PPE and tools shall be safe to use and well maintained and serviced
  • ensure that PPE consists of:
    • a coverall
    • rubber boots
    • rubber gloves
    • chemical splash proof goggles or glasses
    • a respirator

7. Review meetings

The service provider shall be required to attend quarterly meetings with the BHC to review the running of the contract and to resolve any contractual issues.

8. Health and safety

The BHC expects all staff and staff working on the Diplomatic Estate to observe the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office Health and Safety policy, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office Electrical Safety Regulations and other safety regulations that are relevant to their scope of works.
The service provider shall be liable for and shall indemnify the BHC against loss, liability, claim or proceedings in respect of any injury or damage whatsoever to any property real or personal, in so far as such injury or damage arises out of any negligence, omission or default of the service provider, their servants or agents or any sub-contractor employed by them.
They shall ensure that any electrical appliances that are used are in good working order, that the electrical is neither damaged or stretched or contains any twisted or taped joints and is fitted with a proper three-pin plug top.

9. Disclosure of information and transparency

The contractor shall not disclose any information relating to the contract or the authority’s activities.

10. Fire precautions

Smoking is not permitted within the BHC. There are designated smoking areas. Use of these shall be upon approval of the BHC.

11. Site tidiness

It shall be the responsibility of the service provider to ensure that the areas of working are kept in good order. When delivering inside the premises, the staff shall ensure that all furnishings and the décor are protected. The contractor will be charged for any damage resulting from their failure to provide an adequate means of protection.