Former Sokoto Deputy Governor Advises Tinubu on Team Selection and Priorities

Former Sokoto Deputy Governor Advises Tinubu on Team Selection and Priorities

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Mukhtar Shagari, the former Deputy Governor of Sokoto State, has offered advice to President-elect Bola Tinubu, urging him to be cautious of sycophants and praise singers.


Shagari emphasized the importance of Tinubu surrounding himself with the right people who can provide valuable advice on addressing various economic challenges.

During an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Thursday, Shagari, who also served as the Minister of Water Resources, stated that Tinubu’s success would largely depend on the team he assembles.

He drew an analogy with football, explaining that even the most talented individual cannot win competitions alone without a team of skilled players.

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Therefore, if Tinubu replicates his successful approach in Lagos at the national level, it is crucial for him to bring in capable individuals who possess integrity and expertise in their respective fields.

Shagari emphasized the importance of having a team with the right skills and integrity, as even the brightest individual can fail without these qualities.

By aligning himself with competent and principled individuals, Tinubu can apply the successful strategies he employed in Lagos to drive positive change on a national scale.


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The former minister also highlighted the significance of prioritizing security and addressing the country’s dwindling economy.

Shagari stressed that Tinubu should be wary of sycophants who may only tell him what he wants to hear. Instead, he should focus on the harsh realities and take decisive action to improve security, as incidents of killings and kidnappings persist.

Additionally, attention should be directed towards revitalizing the economy, and Shagari expressed confidence that Tinubu could gather a team capable of achieving this goal.

In summary, Shagari’s advice to President-elect Tinubu emphasizes the need for him to carefully select a capable team, avoid sycophants, and prioritize security and the economy in order to replicate his successful tenure in Lagos on a national level.


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