Former President Buhari’s Hometown Celebrates His Achievements and Welcomes His Return to Daura

Former President Buhari’s Hometown Celebrates His Achievements and Welcomes His Return to Daura

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media.

In the town of Daura, situated in Katsina State and renowned as the hometown of Nigeria’s former President, Muhammadu Buhari, Lawal Buhari, the President’s uncle, conveyed the contentment and pride felt by the people of Daura for their son’s achievements in serving the country.


Expressing his views during an interview with Daily Trust at a prayer session organized to honor the ex-President, Lawal commended Buhari for his efforts.

He firmly believed that Buhari had given his utmost to the country and that the people of Daura were pleased with his service.

Lawal asserted, “He has done his best for the country, and we are glad that he is back home after serving the country to the satisfaction of Nigerians.

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We are proud of him, we are very proud.

May Allah reward him.”

President Buhari’s Determination to Remain in Daura

Addressing inquiries about President Buhari’s future plans and whether he would remain in Daura for the rest of his life, Lawal Buhari emphasized his nephew’s strong determination and character.


He expressed confidence in Buhari’s words, stating, “You don’t know who Buhari is, that is why you are doubting it.

He will stay here, he said it and he meant it.

Wherever in this world Buhari said he will stay, I believe he will, even if it is inside the bush.”

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Positive Impact and Development under President Buhari

Lawal highlighted the positive impact President Buhari had on Daura and the nation as a whole.

He emphasized the significant resources invested in the town and the unprecedented level of development experienced during Buhari’s tenure.

According to the ex-president’s uncle, “He has provided a lot of resources in this town, and we never witnessed a development in the country like now.

We have never had this kind of achievement before.”

Celebrating Buhari’s Eight Years in Office

To commemorate the successful completion of Buhari’s eight years in office, residents of Daura organized a special prayer session at the residence of Dan Madamin Daura, another uncle of the former president.


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The event attracted dignitaries, including Imams from Juma’at mosques, clerics, and other members of the community.

Awaiting President Buhari’s Return to Daura

As President Buhari makes his journey back to Daura after handing over power to President Bola Tinubu, the people of his hometown eagerly await his arrival.

They express their gratitude and admiration for his dedicated service to the nation.


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