Esorfranki and competitors colluded to fix prices: Competition Tribunal

The Competition Tribunal has found that Esorfranki, a construction company, colluded with competitors to fix prices and allocate customers, as well as engage in bid-rigging through cover pricing.

The Tribunal says in a statement that it has ordered the three firms that fall in the Esorfranki stable to jointly and severally pay an administrative penalty of R 15 700 000.

According to the Tribunal, the Competition Commission alleged in its argument that the eight respondents colluded on various tenders from the 1970s to at least 2015.

The Tribunal has found that the Esorfranki group companies contravened sections of the Competition Act in that they colluded with their competitors to fix prices, allocate customers and engage in bid-rigging through cover pricing from at least 1999 to 2008.