Eskom has come close to collapse

We have a problem. Mzansi scored a six. It almost seems to be a jinx. There is no power in the nation. My town is submerged in a sea of gloomy impossible throughout the evenings.

My effort to lessen the impact of load shedding is that. However, these rolling blackouts that we experience every day have no positive aspect.

Even after more than ten years, things continue to grow worse. The ruling class is obviously up a creek without a paddle.

Their elaborate preparations and turnaround tactics have yielded nothing.

Eskom has been on the verge of collapse for a while.

The nation has an abundance of coal reserves that can sustain the economy for the next century. But the aging infrastructure was just let to deteriorate. When electricity was rolled electricity was rolled electricity was introduced to both old townships and new and old townships and new and old townships and new and old townships and new and old townships and new and old townships and

Given that South Africa produces 25% of Africa’s power, this is a great tragedy. It is obvious that small and medium-sized businesses are essential for economic development and job creation, both of which are urgently needed in our country.

When loadshedding begins at 6am, it breaks my heart for the elderly woman who gets up early to prepare amagwinya (fat cakes) for her early clients. My sympathies are with the restaurant that is seeing nighttime customers cancel orders due to load shedding.

Even the well-known KFC made temporary closures of 70 locations due to electrical issues. It seems that using the generator when there are blackouts is no longer profitable. The very profitable American fried chicken restaurant is unable to handle load shedding. Up until this year, these were the occupations severely effected by the Covid-19 lockdowns. That represents lost foreign investment.

Every time I have to stop working online due to network issues brought on by an electrical outage, my heart stops. However, loadshedding is man-made, unlike the epidemic, and cannot be sanitized or covered up.

Older readers may recall a period when the nation had a surplus of cheap power and apartheid bank notes even had pylons imprinted on them. Currently, foreigners and our neighbors make fun of us. They mock and jeer at the dramatic fall in our fortunes. They assert that they predicted and knew the new system would fail.

The New Dawn that was heralded in 2017 has proven to be an illusion, a deception that brought in a new period of incompetence. Some claim that the situation is so awful that even under Jacob Zuma, it was not this bad. Whatever he is doing, he must be chuckling uncontrollably.

But the fact is that we are in a bind, and those in charge just don’t care.

They behave left but speak right.

»Eskom has come close to collapse«

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