During a typical Spanish event, a bull gores a guy in front of horrified witnesses as they gasp in horror

During a typical Spanish event, a bull gores a guy in front of horrified witnesses as they gasp in horror.

The 58-year-old victim, who has only been given his initials S.C.V., has been captured on camera being charged at by the raging animal and being lifted into the air by its horns before collapsing to the ground.

The man was attacked while standing next to the bull’s cage after stepping through a barrier.

He sustained serious injuries to his leg and was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery.

On June 30, a bull charged at a crowd attending the Sant Pere del Grau 2022 Festival in the Valencian Community of Spain.

The man, who was wearing a green shirt, can be seen standing nearby in the street as the bull is released from its cage in the video.

The man is seen running toward the crowd of onlookers who are gathered on the other side of some metal bars as the bull is seen charging at him.

However, the bull charges at him and strikes him in the arm with its horns before the man can get his entire body through the space between the metal bars.

The bull lifts the man into the air after fitting its horns through the gap left by the man’s passage through the metal bars due to the force of the strike.

As the bull gored the man in the upper thigh before the victim fell to the ground, witnesses could be heard gasping in horror.

The bull then bolts into the street as a different man rushes after it brandishing a blue cloth in an effort to divert it. The bull is then seen running down the street as several onlookers try to avoid it.

Paramedics at the scene treated the victim, who had suffered severe muscle damage, before he was taken to the Hospital General Universitario de Castellon, where he had surgery on his injured leg. He has since healed from his wounds.

He wasn’t the only festival goer hurt by a bull while taking part in the festivities in Castellon.

During a running of the bulls event on June 25, another man was gored and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Several individuals have either been killed or severely hurt by bulls in Spain’s traditional festivals.

Oscar Rodriguez Calleja, 50, perished in May during a Spanish festival after being gored by a bull in front of his wife and one of his two daughters.

He was injured at the Fiesta del Verdejo celebration in the small hamlet of La Seca, Valladolid, northern Spain, when an 84-stone bull named Rodillero speared him in the groin.

He was taken to the hospital almost once, but doctors were unable to save him.

The event, which occurred on Sunday, May 1, was caught on camera just before the bull bolted from its wooden box and turned right to charge the throng gathered behind fences.

The father of two was then lifted by the bull’s horns and held up and dragged for a few seconds while he stood behind the railings.

Oscar was yanked by the bull’s horns and dropped to the ground as shocked onlookers looked on.

His family members had panic attacks, which were treated on the spot before his wife was transferred to a hospital.

Oscar and his family had traveled from their home in the nearby community of Nava del Rey to attend the festivities.

A man was fatally gored by a charging heifer in January at a festival in Puerto Serrano, a province of Cadiz in southwest Spain.

He was described at the time as only the second person to be fatally gored during an annual festival in Spain involving bulls and heifers since the start of the Covid pandemic.

A 55-year-old man became the first person to die during a bull goring in Onda in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon at the end of October last year.

Before the coronavirus pandemic several revellers were gored to death every year at Spanish festivals involving bulls being let onto the street including the Pamplona-style ‘encierros.’

In 2015 seven people died between the start of July and the middle of August.

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