During a family vacation in Cyprus, a British man drowned in a hotel pool after allegedly being ignored by lifeguards

During a family vacation in Cyprus, a British man drowned in a hotel pool after allegedly being ignored by lifeguards. Terrified holidaymakers feverishly tried to save him.

Visitors discovered the unconscious 21-year-old floating in the pool while the lifeguards were supposedly too far away to notice.

At 6 o’clock on Tuesday, a visitor to the five-star King Evelthon Hotel on the west coast of Cyprus noticed the man was still in the pool and pulled him out.

An entertainment shouted at the lifeguards that the man had been hauled out of the pool as guests frantically attempted to revive him, according to a witness who spoke to The Sun. The lifeguards then realized the victim was unresponsive.

One of the entertainers fled down the stairs shouting for the lifeguards, according to the witness, who was at the pool with his family at the time. To get to the lifeguards, she had to sprint past us.

“At that point, I witnessed the man being taken from the pool and someone doing CPR.”

The British witness claimed that the lifeguards, who had been observed using their phones for entertainment prior to the event, “panicked” when they were ordered into action.

The insider continued, “I told my wife to run over because she is well trained and has a background in medicine.

“The performer informed the lifeguards that a swimmer had just been hauled from the pool.” They appeared frazzled, they moved slowly, they lacked enthusiasm—it was awful.

One of them dashed back to get the defibrillator before heading over. It is horrible.

The man was eventually given CPR by the lifeguards, who then attempted to revive him at the pool’s edge as they waited for an ambulance.

The source continued, “It’s a good 100 meters away from where they sit, so they wouldn’t be able to see what’s occurring.”

They were just two young men, perhaps in their early 20s, and didn’t appear prepared for the task.

The man was taken by paramedics to Paphos General Hospital after failing to regain consciousness.

Before he was declared dead yesterday at 9 o’clock in the evening, he was intubated and admitted to the intensive care unit.

Another vacationer described it as “heartbreaking” to see others struggling to revive the man.

It was painful to witness, she claimed. They spent a long time working on him without success.

“Bless her, the poor woman who found him is in a right situation.”

At the time, the British man and his parents were on vacation.

After the unfortunate event, an autopsy will be performed today to ascertain the cause of death.

The likelihood of any criminal action has already been ruled out by police.

Paphos, a city on Cyprus’s southwest coast, is a well-liked tourist destination, especially in the Kato Paphos neighborhood where the family was vacationing.

The family of a British national who passed away in Cyprus is receiving consular support, a Foreign Office official informed The Sun.

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