Denny’s sign crushing their automobile kills Grandpa a week after his wife

A second elderly person died a week after his wife in a strange accident caused by a massive 2,600-pound Denny’s sign that was ripped from its post by severe winds in Kentucky and crushed their car.

Lloyd Curtis, 77, who suffered from a severe heart ailment, died on Monday after his wife, Lillian Curtis, 72, was killed instantly in the accident on Thursday, according to family members.

Family members informed KVUE that Lillian had recently returned her husband from hospice care on Thursday before to the event. Amy Nichols, their granddaughter, stated that he had undergone heart surgery at the University of Louisville Hospital three days prior to the tragedy.

According to KVUE, the couple’s 58-year-old daughter, Mary Graham, who was driving, is still receiving treatment for her injuries, which include a concussion and five fractured ribs.

Police in Elizabethtown believe heavy winds blew the sign from its post, causing it to fall into the parked automobile.

Following heart surgery, Lillian, 72, had just picked up Lloyd from the hospital. The 77-year-old patient was given only three months to live while under hospice care.

It is believed that the family had stopped for a supper when disaster struck.

Lloyd was recovering from heart surgery and was given three months to live, according to KVUE.

Amy Nichols, the Curtis’ granddaughter, stated, ‘Last night, when the hospice nurse asked him what he wanted, he responded, ‘My wife back,’ and now he is dancing with Nanny.’

Nichols told WLKY that the family continues to seek answers regarding the incident.

An autopsy will reveal whether Lloyd’s death was caused by the collision.

According to Nichols, the family intends to do a double burial for Lloyd and Lillian.

Lillian Mae Curtis (left) was killed alongside her husband Lloyd Eugene Curtis Sr. (right) and daughter Mary Graham by a falling Denny’s sign.

Family relatives found solace in the fact that Lilian died instantly.

It is believed that the family had stopped for a supper when disaster struck.

A GoFundMe campaign has gathered more than $5,000 to assist with funeral costs.

Grandchildren of Lillian and Lloyd remarked that they were astonished by the catastrophe that deprived their grandparents of their remaining time together.

Graham’s daughter, Mary Howard, told KVUE, “It’s definitely not something you can fully comprehend.”

“I don’t know if the shock has worn off, or if we’ve accepted the fact that we’ll return home and continue living without her.”

Denny’s issued a statement last week stating, ‘Safety is our first priority, and we are cooperating with the authorities to determine what caused this scenario.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected.

Thursday afternoon near Elizabethtown, a 50 mph wind gust caused a sign to fall on a car carrying a couple and their daughter who were reportedly stopping for food.

The falling sign immediately crushed Lillian, who was sitting in the back seat of the car.

The moment the 2,600-pound sign was blown down by the wind was captured on film. It toppled and smashed Mrs. Curtis’s automobile.

The grandmother was entrapped in the truck and had to be rescued by emergency personnel.

Nichols reported to WDRB News that her head wound was catastrophic and inoperable.

In a message on the GoFundMe website dedicated to Lillian, she said, “So many people loved my grandmother, and her passing has left a void in our hearts.”

Howard told KVUE that her grandmother’s death was ‘absolutely immediate’ and that her body could not have experienced pain.

Lloyd, who was brought to the hospital with fluid in his lungs, awaited transport back to the Jewish Hospital.

Lillian and Lloyd have more than a dozen great-grandchildren and have been married for over fifty years.

Images of the wrecked automobile after the unusual collision are horrifying.

Loved ones are afraid As Lilian’s husband and daughter watched her death, they will be scarred.

Chris Denham, a spokesman for the Elizabethtown Police Department, expressed disbelief at the collision.

Denham stated, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

‘It’s really windy outside, and I’m confident that played a role and contributed to this.’

Crews removing the sign estimated that it weighted around 2,600 pounds, or the weight of a compact car.

Nichols paid her respects online and stated that she had no idea how her family would manage without her.

She was the strongest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

“I don’t know how my family and I can even begin to survive in a world without her.”

She was my greatest supporter in life and was always there for me when no one else was. Nichols stated, “I am so lost right now that I cannot even function.”

She was my grandmother, my second mother, and everything to me. I would offer my life for her return.

‘I love you so much nanny. I only want to embrace you one again, smell your perfume, and tell you that I love you. How do I say goodbye to you? I wish I were in the backseat instead of you. I simply want you back.

The continuing inquiry into the fatalities continues.

»Denny’s sign crushing their automobile kills Grandpa a week after his wife«

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