Death of Mtshali reminds us that nobody is secure

Death of Mtshali reminds us that nobody is secure

Phangisile Mtshali, a former journalist, businesswoman, and novelist, and her boyfriend were brutally murdered in cold blood on their property in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, last week.

The mood in our nation is gloomy.

The inability of Eskom to provide us with electricity exacerbates the misery and suffering that pervades our nation.

The deaths of Mtshali and her lover serve as a reminder that no one is safe or protected in this country. Sadly, violence and the cruel taking of human life are the order of the day and are becoming increasingly normalized.

KwaZulu-Natal is the birthplace of izinkabi, and the phenomena has become an integral part of our political and social life.

As the chairperson of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Secure the Future Programme, her life was cut short by a hail of bullets at the pinnacle of her career.

As if killing a human being is commonplace, the assailant executed the couple and walked away carelessly.

The police will engage in their mundane routine of driving around in their police vans, a task that delivers no intended results.

The intelligence required to eradicate the plague at its source is limited, if present at all.

The cops will express clichés of condemnation for the murder of “our people.” However, this is ineffective if the assassins are not apprehended.

With an eye on the next paycheck, the police command structures execute the bare minimum and often do it with a lack of enthusiasm.

No matter how loudly we cry, thousands of South Africans will fall victim to the roving gang of murderers waiting around every corner and in every nook and cranny to pounce on their victims. We await our turn as well.

Let us not even consider that the killers are perturbed. They will likely avoid any police dragnets that are set up to catch them. Police are never recognized for their thoroughness, which is a sad indictment of our failing nation.

More deaths will continue to occur.

Our newshound Phangisile was laid to rest yesterday.

Her and her partner’s lives were extinguished so readily because death in our society has become cheap and of little or no value.

We appreciate Phangisile’s commitment to journalism. She will be remembered forever.

We pray for peace and comfort for the Mtshali family and her partner’s family in their time of bereavement.

May the radiance of peace and justice illuminate our difficult nation

»Death of Mtshali reminds us that nobody is secure«

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