Climate: Southern climes will be seen in temperate Europe in 2022

Climate: Southern climes will be seen in temperate Europe in 2022

Several western European towns were afflicted by unusually high temperatures last year, according to a climate monitor released on Wednesday.

Europe saw its warmest summer on record, with heatwaves and droughts fueling devastating wildfires across the continent.

According to the Paris-based consultancy Callendar, cities in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy that are ordinarily spared from blistering heat experienced summer temperatures that were approximately 1.4 degrees Celsius higher than their 1990-2020 averages.

The investigation revealed that this increase brought the temperatures to parity with those of cities over 425 kilometers (260 miles) to the south.

Climate Change is not viewed as a major issue among South Africans.

The temperature in Madrid was comparable to that of Tissemsilt, Algeria, more than 500 kilometers to the south.

In Italy, alpine towns such as Milan and Turin had temperatures more typical of Greece. Callendar stated that temperatures in Strasbourg, France were comparable to those on the Mediterranean coast of San Marino.

In addition, 2022 was the hottest year on record for a number of the analyzed cities.

“These comparisons demonstrate, on the one hand, the magnitude of the anomaly we experienced in 2022 and, on the other hand, the immense effort required to adapt cities to climate change,” Callendar CEO Thibault Laconde told AFP.

Additionally, a warm winter threatens the revenue of ski resorts.

The previous year was the second warmest ever recorded in Europe, which is the continent that is warming the fastest.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the last eight years were the warmest on record, despite the cooling influence of a protracted La Nina weather phenomenon.

RE-SHAPING EUROPEWMO reported that the average world temperature was 1.15 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Rising temperatures, according to Laconde, could necessitate a rethinking of the construction of cities, which are now based on the surrounding climate.

“When temperatures are so abnormal, it is impossible to transform Perpignan (in France) overnight into Athens,” he explained.

“Every aspect of architecture, urban planning, and infrastructure, as well as the habits of the inhabitants, must be reconsidered.”

»Climate: Southern climes will be seen in temperate Europe in 2022«

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