Cardinal Hollerich Critiques Political Leadership and Advocates for Climate Action

Cardinal Hollerich Critiques Political Leadership and Advocates for Climate Action

In a thought-provoking statement, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich has criticized contemporary political leadership for its lack of conviction and backbone.

He laments the trend of politicians prioritizing poll readings over genuine convictions, which he perceives as a significant mistake at both national and European levels.

According to the cardinal, compelling political argumentation has been sidelined, and those in governance are increasingly devoid of moral steadfastness.

Lack of Conviction in Politics

Cardinal Hollerich contends that modern politicians lack the courage to uphold their convictions in the face of popular opinion.

He observes a troubling shift towards governance guided by opinion polls rather than principled decision-making.

This trend, in his view, undermines the integrity of political leadership and erodes public trust in democratic institutions.

The Importance of Ideals

In contrast to the prevailing political climate, Cardinal Hollerich emphasizes the importance of upholding ideals such as ecology and climate change mitigation.

He asserts that these issues resonate with a significant portion of the population and are essential for safeguarding humanity’s future.

By prioritizing environmental sustainability, societies can address pressing global challenges and promote the well-being of current and future generations.

Urgency of Climate Action

Highlighting the urgency of addressing climate change, the cardinal warns that failure to act will have catastrophic consequences comparable to war.

He underscores the severity of the climate crisis and stresses the moral imperative for decisive action.

According to Cardinal Hollerich, tackling climate change is not merely a political issue but a moral imperative rooted in the protection of human life and dignity.

The Church’s Role in Social Engagement

Turning to the role of the Church in addressing political and social issues, Cardinal Hollerich advocates for a proactive approach grounded in the principles of the Second Vatican Council.

He calls for constructive dialogue between the Church and the wider world, emphasizing the importance of engaging with contemporary challenges in a spirit of compassion and solidarity.

Critique of Globalization and Promotion of Social Reforms

Cardinal Hollerich critiques certain “ideals,” such as globalization, which he argues are championed by a privileged minority.

He suggests that globalization disproportionately benefits the wealthy and intellectual elite while neglecting the needs of marginalized communities.

Furthermore, he highlights the evolving priorities of socialist parties, noting a shift towards advocating for social reforms rather than traditional social welfare policies.


In his critique of contemporary politics and advocacy for climate action, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich offers a compelling perspective on the intersection of moral values and governance.

He challenges political leaders to demonstrate greater conviction and integrity in their decision-making processes while emphasizing the urgency of addressing climate change as a moral imperative.

By promoting dialogue and engagement grounded in ethical principles, the cardinal underscores the potential for positive social transformation and the pursuit of justice and solidarity in our societies.

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