Bridgetown, WA prohibits energy drinks for under-18s in mental health study

Bridgetown, WA prohibits energy drinks for under-18s in mental health study

In an attempt to reduce “anti-social behavior” and promote mental health, a municipality in Australia has prohibited the sale of energy drinks to anyone under the age of 18. However, teens are unimpressed.

During a four-month experiment, the highly popular beverages are not offered to anybody 17 or younger at any of the major retailers in Bridgetown, a tiny town three hours south of Perth.

The Telethon Kids Institute study project that led to the prohibition might aid decision-makers as they consider a countrywide ban on energy drinks for those under the age of 18.

Laurel Keenan, proprietor of a café in Bridgetown, said that she would respect the prohibition by treating energy drinks the same way she would cigarettes.

Before selling them, she will request identification, and if the customer is younger than 18, they will not be served, according to the ABC.

Energy drink usage is associated with increased anxiety and sleeplessness among young people, according to GP Sarah Youngson, who supports the ban.

Dr. Youngson now worries that the beverages may also be to blame for other behaviors.

Bridgetown, WA bans sale of energy drinks to under 18s in mental health research project

It had been brought to her notice that there were some concerns in the community with some antisocial behavior and young people acting a little impulsively and erratically, she added.

The prohibition did not impress the young people and teens in the area.

One adolescent girl stated, “I’m not furious about it, but I’m not like extremely thrilled either.”

A young guy said, “Personaly, for me it’s not the greatest.”

Young people also responded harshly on social media.

Bridgetown, are you serious? I’m pleased I moved away and that I’m over 18! a lady posted on Facebook.

“So amusing! P.S. It’s not the energy drinks that are to blame for the problems with mental health!

Through surveys with kids, parents, and shop establishments both before and after the prohibition period, researchers will examine how schoolchildren behave.

Energy drink consumption for a lengthy period of time may already be harmful to physical health.

Among them are things that may raise blood pressure and have an impact on the heart and cardiovascular system.

»Bridgetown, WA prohibits energy drinks for under-18s in mental health study«

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