‘Be careful’ of Japan, China warns Australia

‘Be careful’ of Japan, China warns Australia

China stated on Tuesday that Australia should consider Japan’s World War II atrocities before warming up to the regional power.

The relationship between Australia and China significantly deteriorated under the previous conservative administration, and it has been attempted to mend by the country’s center-left government.

However, Washington has also recently negotiated a new security agreement with China’s adversary in the region, Japan, which is thought to be an effort to curtail Beijing’s influence in the Pacific.

Canberra should be wary of trusting Japan, according to China’s ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, given that Japan attacked Australia during World War II.

According to him, Japan attacked Australia during World War II, bombed Darwin, slaughtered Australians, and shot Australian (prisoners of war).

“Be on the lookout for potential future events. Someone who has threatened you before might do it again.

China has supported you.

When questioned about the Japanese ambassador to Australia’s comments to The Australian newspaper that China should be watched closely, Xiao had reacted angrily.

At the height of the conflict in 2020, China imposed taxes on important Australian commodities including barley and wine and unofficially suspended shipments of Australian coal.

At one point, Australian government ministers were even turned away by Chinese ministers.

By frequently criticizing China’s human rights record and calling for an impartial examination into the causes of the Covid-19 epidemic, Australia’s former government incensed China.

Although Xiao recognized that trade had recently been “disrupted,” he expressed optimism that it would soon “go back to normal.”

»‘Be careful’ of Japan, China warns Australia«

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