Attitude publisher removes David Beckham’s cover over £10m Qatar contract

Attitude publisher removes David Beckham’s cover over £10m Qatar contract

The publisher of Attitude magazine has withdrawn the iconic David Beckham cover from its offices and criticized the athlete for ‘turning a blind eye to wrongdoing’ over his £10 million job as a Qatar World Cup ambassador.

The proprietor of the LGBT lifestyle magazine, Darren Styles OBE, has tweeted the 2002 cover featuring the former England captain with bleached blonde hair.

Beckham was quoted on the website as saying, “It should not matter who people are, and it has never mattered to me.” He also stated, “This is how I was raised and will continue to be.”

Mr. Styles stated that the magazine had “stood proudly” in Attitude’s headquarters for twenty years, but he has decided to remove it because “the Qataris bought his quiet.”

Beckham (pictured at the England game yesterday) is understood to have been paid the huge sum for promoting the country and the tournament
He stated, “This painting has adorned the Attitude Magazine office wall for many years.” Today, I pulled it down.

David Beckham told us in 2002, “Talking about things nobody will speak about has always been his nature, and it always will be.” Twenty years later, the Qataris purchased his quiet.

Meanwhile, the magazine issued the following statement: “David Beckham’s fame has fallen swiftly and heavily.”

It is a reminder that advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as women’s rights, immigrant worker’s rights, and any other human rights, should not just lip service. It is not fashionable to increase a person’s profile.

“Human rights are not a fashion statement to be made in order to garner publicity in the fashion sections of tomorrow’s publications.” They are not new hairstyles designed to attract media attention.

Comedian Joe Lycett livestreamed himself 'shredding £10,000' after Beckham failed to pull out of his deal on Sunday
Beckham (seen at yesterday’s England game) is said to have been compensated for promoting the country and the competition.

Joe Lycett livestreamed himself’shredding £10,000′ when David Beckham failed to cancel his contract on Sunday.

Mr. Lycett entered the picture wearing a rainbow-colored blazer and fed each wad of cash into the shredder before smiling for the camera and exiting the frame.

During the pinnacle of his football career, David Beckham was featured on the cover of the gay magazine Attitude.

Mr Lycett walked into shot wearing a fluffy rainbow jacket and put each wad of cash into the shredder, before posing in front of the camera and walking out of frame
‘They are actual challenges that affect the way of life of billions of disadvantaged people across the nation. Joe Lycett’s prank highlighted David Beckham’s cavalier attitude toward human rights.

And at what price did he turn a blind eye to FIFA’s wrongdoing in awarding the World Cup to Qatar?

It all adds up to make the so-called “beautiful game” of this year a very terrible moment in sports.

Today, Tom Daly’s spouse Dustin Lance Black revealed his disapproval of David Beckham’s participation in the World Cup in Qatar, a country where homosexuality is still illegal and may result in seven years in prison.

He stated, “When the stakes are life and death, as they so obviously are again internationally for LGBTQ people, we require the support of our families and supporters. To exhibit bravery.

Therefore, let Beckham enjoy his blood money, and by all means, remove his dishonest coverings. Thank you.’

After David Beckham failed to break out of his contract on Sunday, comedian Joe Lycett livestreamed himself’shredding £10,000′

Mr. Lycett, age 34, is one of the most well-known openly pansexual individuals, meaning he is attracted to all genders, and he has openly spoken his sexual orientation and pushed for LGBTQ+ rights.

Earlier this month, he stated that although Beckham had previously been an outspoken advocate for homosexual rights, he had reportedly accepted a £10 million contract with ‘one of the worst places to be gay.’

Beckham is said to have been compensated for promoting the nation and the event. Yesterday, he was also photographed inside the stadium during England’s 6-2 victory over Iran.

Despite concerns regarding human rights violations and the country’s poor record on LGBT+ issues, the ex-footballer has not spoken on the harsh laws of the country.

This comes as Qatar’s conservative leadership has been cracking down on rainbow bucket hats, T-shirts, and banners worn by pro-LGBT football supporters.

The ridiculous controversy surrounding Harry Kane and other captains fearing a suspension from the field for wearing a rainbow armband has spread to the Doha stadiums.

Former Wales captain Laura McAllister was among the female football supporters required to remove their rainbow bucket hats last night at the Qatari stadium prior to the Dragons’ opening match. Men, however, were permitted to wear them.

Grant Wahl, an American football reporter, was approached by security at the same game and told to remove his rainbow T-shirt.

Former Wales captain Laura McAllister was among the female football supporters instructed to remove their rainbow bucket hats from the Qatari stadium prior to Friday night’s match between Wales and the United States.

US sports writer Grant Wahl (pictured) was first denied access to a World Cup match in Doha, Qatar and ‘aggressively demanded’ to remove his rainbow jersey by security officers. He was informed it was for his own protection.

FIFA warns that team leaders who choose to wear the OneLove rainbow armband may risk a caution and possible punishment if they do so (pictured, England captain Harry Kane). Alex Scott choose to wear it live on television instead.

Alex Scott, a BBC commentator, wearing a rainbow armband for the England game and declared that boycotting the Qatar World Cup is the “simple decision.”

England may have backed down, but BBC presenter Alex Scott ignored Fifa’s restriction on the rainbow armband yesterday while broadcasting from the pitch.

Following pressure from football’s governing body, it was determined at the eleventh hour that England captain Harry Kane would no longer wear the anti-discrimination and LGBT rights sign against Iran.

Miss Scott, a BBC commentator, wore the OneLove armband pitchside at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha yesterday during the England game’s buildup.

Former England international with 140 caps, Miss Scott has been an outspoken critic of Qatar’s treatment of LGBT individuals and the country’s human rights record.

“And once again, we recall to Infantino’s remarks: you are not homosexual, you will never comprehend traveling to a nation where you fear for your life because of who you choose to love,” she remarked during Sunday’s broadcast of the tournament’s first match.

‘He continues telling us that football is for everyone,’ he says, ‘but as we sit here, we know that’s not true, since people have been unable to come to see and support their team due to fear.’

She asserted that it would have been simple to boycott the competition and that she attended the World Cup in Qatar in order to engage in “tougher talks.”

Miss Scott stated, “Actually, I’ve had talks stating, “I should remain at home, I should boycott,” and I’ve given it some attention. Personally, I believe that would have been the simplest course of action.

“I’m here because I enjoy my job and, when I consider it, sitting here and having the more difficult conversations: we’re discussing migrant labor, the LGBTQ+ community, and women’s rights.

You may recall that I was the first female analyst for the BBC at a World Cup four years ago. Consider how far we’ve come in the past four years. Let’s hope we never have to have these debates again in the next four years.

Rio Ferdinand, former captain of England, criticized the choice of teams not to wear the rainbow armband, accusing them of “folding like a pack of cards” in response to criticism.

He refused, and Qatari officials interrogated him before ultimately relenting.

One security guard informed him that he was being protected from supporters inside who may have assaulted him for wearing the shirt.

In May of this year, Attitude magazine again accused Beckham of “keeping his money as far away from his lips as possible.”

Beckham’s backing for Blackpool midfielder Jake Daniels, who came out as homosexual earlier this year, sparked the controversy.

It said on Instagram, “When we speak about performative allyship, this is what we mean.” David Beckham continues to keep his money as far away as possible from his statements on the LGBTQ community.

When Beckham, 47, was queried by the Evening Standard newspaper about Jake Daniels, he’responded with the type of empty statement our community has come to expect from the super affluent,’ according to the report.

Beckham questions why homosexual athletes should be treated differently from everyone else. In many parts of the globe, homosexuals are not just marginalized and repressed, but also persecuted. This is a factor that David may wish to consider. One such location is Qatar, of which he will soon become the face.’

It said, ‘The time has come to expect more from our so-called allies.’

The FIFA Globe Cup began on Sunday and will conclude on December 18; it is the first to be staged in the Arab world.

Reportedly, more than 6,500 migrant laborers, many of whom were involved in the construction of the stadiums, have perished in Qatar since the country earned the right to host the event ten years ago.

On Sunday, as the competition began, Mr. Lycett broadcast a webcast of himself shredding thousands of dollars.

The livestream, which was streamed on Mr. Lycett’s website called benderslikeBeckham, had a woodchipper in the backdrop and two wads of “currency” in front of it.

A supposedly sad Mr. Lycett then entered the scene wearing a rainbow-colored blazer and fed each bundle of paper into the shredder before smiling for the camera and exiting the frame.

Following the broadcast, he tweeted the footage with the message, “A platform for advancement.”

A representative of England’s LGBTQ+ fans voiced displeasure earlier this month that Beckham maintained in his position, as he was previously regarded a “wonderful ally” of the group.

The members of Three Lions Pride have opted not to travel to the next finals out of concern that their presence may render the local LGBTQ+ community more vulnerable.

Co-founder Di Cunningham says players who have spoken out on LGBTQ+ rights have’shown up’ tournament organizers FIFA, but reserved specific condemnation for those, like as former England captain David Beckham, who have been compensated to praise Qatar.

During a webinar held by the Sports and Rights Alliance on Wednesday, she stated, ‘One of the challenges we’re seeing is individuals receiving money to promote Qatar and the World Cup.

The LGBTQ+ community has held David Beckham in high regard as a tremendous ally; nevertheless, it comes out that he is an ambassador for this World Cup, which is very disheartening.

Therefore, I hope the message that individuals would be criticized for it has been received.

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