At the airport, laughing luggage workers were observed bashing suitcases

At the airport, laughing luggage workers were observed bashing suitcases

The CEO of a leading national ground services firm issued a strong warning to Australian luggage handlers after distressing evidence of maltreatment leaked online.

Qantas and Swissport Australia have initiated a “urgent inquiry” after footage of personnel hurling bags onto a conveyor belt surfaced.

The tape, believed to have been captured at Melbourne Airport, depicts three baggage handlers tossing, kicking, and slamming guests’ bags onto a conveyor belt; they have been suspended pending an inquiry.

Some bags are flung with such force that they tumble off the conveyor belt.

A man is seen grinning while another man lifts a bag above his head and hurls it with force at his belt.

In another scene, one of the three handlers is seen tossing a bag a good way down the line, despite the belt being just in front of him.

A Qantas representative stated that the occurrence was “obviously unacceptable” and confirmed that a “urgent” investigation was underway.

Swissport is contracted by Qantas to provide ground handling at Melbourne Airport.

A spokeswoman for Swissport stated that the affected employees have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

The CEO of Swissport Australia made it plain that such conduct from his workers will not be condoned.

They stated, “Swissport educates and oversees all employees to handle client property with care and thoroughness.”

“The behaviors of the employees seen in the video appear to violate these service level standards.

“As a result, the affected employees have been suspended pending an immediate investigation.”

A staff memo from Swissport Australia CEO Brad Moore, viewed by, warned employees of “severe disciplinary action” in response to the discovery made on Saturday morning.

Mr. Moore wrote to staff, “I hate to inform you that information has emerged today indicating that Swissport employees have handled client bags in an improper manner.”

It is imperative that we take action when these standards are violated by a tiny group of individuals, despite the fact that our 3000 member workforce across the network works diligently to uphold them.

“The behaviors seen in the film have let us all down, most notably our frontline employees who have worked so diligently through (Covid) to ensure high standards under often difficult conditions.

Mr. Moore told employees that anyone who violate Swissport’s standards will be punished.

“Disrespectful conduct toward our customers’ bags and personal belongings will not be permitted and will result in severe disciplinary action,” he stated.

The persons depicted in the video have been suspended pending an immediate inquiry.

“Since the video’s release, I’ve received several communications from network-wide team members expressing similar concerns and reiterating their dedication to our Safety and Service standards. We cannot allow the conduct of a minute minority to undermine the high standards of the majority.”

Numerous social media users were annoyed by the personnel’ careless handling of passengers’ bags.
Rexross79 and Tik Tok.

It follows a tumultuous year for the national airline, which was beset by aircraft delays, cancellations, and other high-profile cases of luggage loss and mishandling, which were the subject of an investigation by ABC Four Corners earlier this year.

As a response to the disturbing video, social media users reacted with shock.

One remarked, “It’s unfortunate, but I honestly don’t expect better from Qantas anymore.”

“Is this a race to see who can ruin baggage the quickest?” questioned another.

“You have to be kidding me! Someone else wrote, “I’m sure they would be outraged if someone handled their belongings in this manner.”

Others said that the men should be fired for their apparent disdain for the property of others.

When will they be terminated?” one asked.

“It appears they no longer wish to work,” stated another.

“I’ve handled baggage before, and I’ve never seen something like this; if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact a supervisor.”

»At the airport, laughing luggage workers were observed bashing suitcases«

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