Alex Scott Opens Up About Near-Descent into Alcoholism and Childhood Trauma in Emotional Interview with The Times

Alex Scott Opens Up About Near-Descent into Alcoholism and Childhood Trauma in Emotional Interview with The Times

Alex Scott has disclosed that she nearly fell into alcoholism before seeking therapy to confront her childhood trauma.

The 39-year-old football pundit alleges that her father, Tony, was a “controlling, violent drunk” who was “stupidly cruel” and inflicted both physical and mental abuse on her, her older brother Ronnie, and their mother, Carol.

Tony has previously denied these allegations, which Alex detailed in her 2022 memoir, How (Not) To Be Strong.

Impact of Childhood Trauma

At the age of eight, Alex’s mother left her father, but Alex continued to suffer from deep psychological wounds. It wasn’t until 2018 that she began therapy to address these issues.

Turning to Alcohol

In an interview with The Times, Alex confessed that she almost resorted to alcohol to numb her problems, much like her father.

She stated, “If I had any problems, I thought, ‘A drink will get rid of it.’” She added, “I’ll always be in therapy. It has done so much for me.”

Lasting Effects of Abuse

Despite therapy, Alex still struggles with the impact of her father’s abuse, particularly in showing physical affection. She explained, “We weren’t allowed to express emotion.

Dad didn’t allow us to hug each other or say ‘I love you.’ It had a huge impact on us all. To this day, if I want to show people love, I’ll do it by taking them out to dinner and paying.”

New Relationship

Recently, Alex has found love again with singer Jess Glynne, and they made their relationship public at the Brits in February.

Ambassador for Domestic Abuse Charity

In July, Alex was named an ambassador for the domestic abuse charity Refuge. She expressed that it was “an incredible honour” to join the charity, with which she had been closely involved since the release of her memoir.

She aims to use her platform to raise awareness about domestic abuse and inform women about available support.

Refuge’s Appreciation

Refuge has expressed their pride and gratitude for Alex’s support and ongoing contributions.

Communication with Her Mother

Alex revealed that she did not discuss her troubled childhood with her mother until her book’s release.

During an appearance on Loose Women, she shared the difficulty of growing up in an environment where showing emotions was perceived as a weakness.

Breaking down in tears, she recounted the fear and helplessness of those years, praying for her mother’s safety.

Mother’s Strength

Alex emphasized her mother’s bravery, stating, “Victims think they’re cowards, but my mum isn’t a coward and she saved me and my brother.”

She explained that therapy helped her break generational cycles and improve communication with her mother, who gained a deeper understanding of the impact on Alex and her brother.

Father’s Denial

Tony has denied Alex’s allegations, stating in a response to MailOnline that he couldn’t understand why she was portraying him negatively.

He argued that his strict but loving Jamaican upbringing emphasized discipline and that he was never violent.

Alex’s Response

Alex expressed her frustration over her father’s denials, telling the BBC, “I almost feel angry at myself that I’m allowing him to hurt me again by those claims.”

Coping Mechanisms

Reflecting on her childhood coping mechanisms, Alex described the football cage as a sanctuary where she felt free, in contrast to the controlled and fear-filled home environment.

She longed for her father’s love but frequently witnessed his dark, abusive side, exacerbated by alcohol.

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