Aine Davis is accused of being a part of the British ISIS execution squad and was captured by Turkish forces in 2015 before being convicted for his membership of the extremist group

After serving a terrorism sentence in Turkey, a member of the “ISIS Beatles” will be transferred back to the UK.

Aine Davis, who was apprehended by Turkish authorities in 2015 and later found guilty of belonging to the terrorist organisation, is charged with being a member of the British ISIS death squad.

Given that Turkey does not wish to serve as a “dumping site” for Western terrorists, Davis will be returned to Britain after serving his term there.

Since the purported “Beatle” has kept his British citizenship, it may be challenging for the government to deny him access.

However, sources have contested that he was a member of the famed terror cell, which was directed by so-called “Jihadi John” and included Brits.

It is unknown if Davis will be detained when she returns to the UK.

According to The Telegraph, Davis will continue to be closely watched in order to safeguard the public if he is “deemed to constitute a threat to national security.”

In his Turkish court trial, he denied being a member of the cell led by “Jihadi John,” real name Mohammed Emwazi.

Emwazi, an alleged “Isis Beatles” member, appeared in a number of horrifying films depicting the beheadings of imprisoned Westerners. In 2015, a US drone strike resulted in his death.

His release and deportation occur months after two “Beatles” members were found guilty on terrorism-related crimes in the US in April.

El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey are both British, but they gave up their nationality in 2014 when they joined ISIS in Syria.

They killed twenty captives, including James Foley, Steven Sotloff, Peter Kassig, and Kayla Mueller, all of whom were Americans, as well as at least eight additional hostages from other nations, including the UK.

In Virginia, the US, Kotey and Elsheikh were both convicted guilty of terrorism-related offences, with the former receiving a life sentence.

In August, Elsheikh will get a punishment for his crimes.

British hostage John Cantlie, a free-lance journalist, gave the group the nickname “The Beatles” so he could surreptitiously discuss his captors.

A day after the only suicide bomber who survived the greatest terrorist attack in modern French history was given a life sentence in jail, Davis’s parole and deportation became public knowledge.

Due to his involvement in the atrocities in November 2015 that resulted in the murder of 130 people, Salah Abdeslam, 32, is not eligible for release.

Abdeslam and 18 other suspects were found guilty of various terrorist-related offences on Wednesday night in Paris by five anti-terrorist judge specialists.

According to court president Jean-Louis Périès, Abdeslam was “completely absorbed into the terrorist group.”

It came after a protracted, ten-month trial held in a specially constructed courtroom at the Paris Palais de Justice.

Abdeslam, a French-Moroccan national who currently resides in Belgium, asserted that he purposefully withdrew from the attack during which other ISIS terrorists, including his own brother, were obliterated.

He begged for forgiveness this week, saying, “I realize there is still hatred for me.” I beg you to harbour mild animosity for me.

In addition, he identified himself as a “Soldier with Islamic State” and said that he had been detained in a prison outside of Paris.

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