Ageing Arendse: It’s not about money, I just want to play!

Ageing Arendse: It’s not about money, I just want to play!

Arendse, who enjoyed an illustrious career at Sundowns from 2012 to 2020, has not been involved in a high-level competitive match in almost two years.
Although he is something of a forgotten man in South African football, Arendse remains hopeful that he could be picked up by a club as a ‘free agent’.

“I feel that I am physically fit, mentally strong; I can do the business, but once you reach a certain age, they just write you off,” Arendse opened up in an interview on the Ultimate Sports Show.
“It is not about the ability; it goes down to age, so it is the age factor that scares people away.
“In my career, I haven’t moved around, I came to Sundowns and it is my first time I have been out of football and I never thought it would be this difficult (to find a club),” added Arendse, who joined Sundowns in 2012 from Santos and went on win five league titles, the Caf Champions League, and Caf Super Cup.

Arendse suggests he may have been priced out of the market

The 37-year-old added that he would have to consider retirement if no new opportunities arose in the near future.

“I am still hopeful, but if nothing comes up, then I will have to find another avenue. If nothing comes up this season, then I will consider hanging up my boots and focus on something else.
“I want to play, but obviously, it becomes hard when you reach a certain age, but I still have a lot to offer. And there is that perception that once you come from Sundowns, you’re in a different tax bracket, but for me, it’s not about the money because I’ve made my money in football and won cups. I want to enjoy football.