After Kirsty Young’s eulogy, fans praised the BBC’s coverage

After Kirsty Young’s eulogy, fans praised the BBC’s coverage

Following Kirsty Young’s moving eulogy, fans praised the BBC for its coverage of the Queen’s burial as the broadcaster remembered the monarch.

She created history and became history. Young delivered a farewell statement as Queen Elizabeth was put to rest in Windsor. “Queen Elizabeth has passed, but she will never be forgotten,” Young said.

The day offering people the opportunity to commemorate Her Majesty’s rule one last time has lifted the recent “veil of grief” that had been hanging over the country, she remarked.

Never was a person “truer to their word,” according to Young, who cited Queen Elizabeth II’s vow to serve the British people for the rest of her life, regardless of how long that could be.

The weight of our collective sadness, Young said, “is witness to the depth of affection with which she is cherished,” if “grief is the price we pay for love.”

As Huw Edwards continues to lead the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s burial, viewers have also made fun of him and said that he “needs a break.”

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on Thursday, September 8, the 61-year-old broadcaster has served as the BBC’s main anchor.

Along with Fergal Keane, also 61, he is a presenter on BBC News this morning during the Queen’s burial in Westminster Abbey.

Many social media users expressed their wishes for the broadcaster to reward himself with a well-earned rest following the burial on Twitter.

Viewers voiced their concerns fore Huw, with some suggesting he didn't get much rest after covering the news of the Queen's death this weekend

@thehuwedwards, you’ve done a wonderful job since announcing the passing of her majesty, one person said. I hope the BBC lets you take a well-earned vacation!

Another person said, “Huw Edwards deserves a six-month vacation after today.” I’ll never understand how he was able to chat and interview people nonstop for ten days on this.

Someone jokingly asked, “Can someone kindly give #huwedwards a pillow and blanket, then a lengthy vacation?”

When everything is finished, can we all band together on GoFundMe and buy Huw Edwards a vacation? Another jokingly said, “The guy has been transmitting flawlessly for 12 days now.

Has anybody put in more effort than these last several weeks? The pressure to be the one to announce “this is the BBC from London” on the big day is insane. Give this dude a vacation, a Twitter user joked.

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s passing was revealed on September 8th, Edwards has anchored a large portion of the BBC’s coverage.

What a remarkable broadcaster you are. One Twitter user said that he “has an extraordinary ability to hold hours of live tv together with the thorough professionalism that it deserves.”

viewers of BBC News expressed worry for Edwards’ health last week after seeing that the presenter had a bloodshot right eye.

While broadcasting the procession that saw the late monarch’s coffin taken from Holyroodhouse Palace to St Giles Cathedral, the broadcaster caused anxiety on social media.

The presenter’s bloodshot eye caught the attention of viewers, who expressed their hope that he would have it fixed and assumed he must be “shattered.”

The country was first informed of the Queen’s passing on Thursday, September 8, by presenter Edwards.

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