After delivering, Amazon deliveryman puts his fingertip in letterbox

After pulling it off while delivering a package, an Amazon delivery man left the tip of his finger in a mailbox.

Following the strange mishap last month, Gareth Thompson’s bone was left protruding.

The father of three from Plymouth, Devon, needed a partial amputation and hasn’t worked since.

I was merely mailing an A4 item in the mailbox, he said. However, the flap hooked my finger as it descended.

Amazon delivery driver's fingertip is left in letterbox after it ripped off as he posted a parcel
I tore my hand away, sticking the tip of my finger into the customer’s door, giving them possibly the scare of their lives.

The 40-year-old Mr. Thompson began working for online retailer Amazon last year via the company SCR Logistics.

For the sake of trying to spend more time with his family, he ended his 20-year work as an electrical engineer.

However, on December 13, when Mr. Thompson sent a package to his hometown, the new employment took a grisly turn.

After being caught, he immediately pushed his hand away, but the sharp flap completely cut the top of his index finger.

Mr. Thompson argues that because of the exposed bone, he was in risk of losing too much blood.

Everything occurred so quickly, he said. As the flap descended, I felt a searing pain on the tip of my finger, and I was shocked to see my hand.

I could clearly see my bone poking out, which was horrifying to look at.

I went to a bar a few doors down to grab some tissue paper since I was bleeding heavily and wanted anything to stop the bleeding.

“I feel bad for whoever’s home it was because in the heat of the moment I failed to remove the portion of my finger caught in the mail box.

They’ll discover a piece of my finger in their package, I guarantee it!

Mr. Thompson states that when he first phoned his line manager to tell them about his injury, they first didn’t believe him.

When they were certain he was speaking the truth, according to Mr. Thompson, they told him to return the van to the depot before heading to the hospital.

Later that day, he finally made an appointment with a plastic surgeon at Derriford Hospital, who scheduled him for a partial finger amputation.

Since being off the job, Mr. Thompson alleges his employer has not been in touch with him.

Mr Thompson said: ''It was horrible to look at - I could see my bone sticking right out. I was losing loads of blood and needed something to stop the bleeding'

The response from “SCR Logistics” to what had occurred, he said, had been depressing.

Then they wouldn’t let me take the vehicle to the hospital because they didn’t think I was speaking the truth. “I had to show them images of what had transpired.”

That required me to wait in the yard while my finger was gushing blood for my wife to pick me up when she left work.

When I arrived at the hospital, staff members took one glance at the wound and immediately brought me to the head of the line.

“I saw a surgeon, had local anesthesia, and was then scheduled for a partial amputation the next day.

Even though I haven’t started working again, neither Amazon nor SCR have contacted me at all. Not even an SMS to see how I’m doing.

We’re looking into this with the delivery service provider, and we wish Gareth a swift recovery, according to an Amazon spokeswoman.

A representative for SCR Logistics said: “We are collaborating closely with Amazon on this.”

“We hope Gareth recovers quickly and painlessly.” He’s still a member of our group.

When a visit was made to the home where Mr. Thompson suffered the accident last week, there was no response.

»After delivering, Amazon deliveryman puts his fingertip in letterbox«

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