Aaron Carter’s fiancée moves out before police arrive

The fiancee of Aaron Carter has been observed moving her belongings out of his residence just days after the musician was discovered dead in the bathtub.

Aaron Carter’s fiancée moves out before police arrive
Tuesday, Melanie Martin phoned the police to Carter’s $800,000 house in Lancaster, California to ‘maintain the peace’ as she put her possessions into a moving van.

Carter, 34, was discovered dead in his home on November 5; according to authorities, he drowned. His medically-trained neighbors claimed they attempted to save Carter but were denied entry by his house sitter.

Yesterday, Martin was seen peering out the front door of the house while others assisted her while wearing a bright hoodie.

Since 2020, the couple has been in and out of a relationship and they have a one-year-old son.The ex-fiancée was spotted wearing a colorful hoodie while a massive moving van sat in the driveway

Melanie Martin was observed carrying her possessions out of Aaron Carter’s California house days after he was discovered dead.

While a large moving van parked in the driveway, the ex-girlfriend was spotted sporting a bright sweatshirt.

Martin was saw in a car wearing a hooded sweatshirt, pink leggings, and black boots.

Others were observed assisting Martin in packing her possessions, but their identities remain unknown.

Carter and Martin’s relationship was tumultuous before to the birth of their baby on November 22, 20121. The relationship has been intermittent since 2020.

There was a large moving van in front of the home and garbage on the steps going to Carter’s residence.

Martin contacted the police to monitor the residence and “maintain the peace” while she and a few others prepared to leave.

Since January 2020, Carter and Martin’s relationship has been tumultuous, culminating with the birth of their son on November 22, 20121.

In August, the singer told DailyMail.com that the relationship was over for good.Martin was seen exciting a vehicle with a hoodie, pink pants and black boots

It is unknown what their relationship status was before to Carter’s death, however Martin referred to him in a statement as her “fiancé.”

She penned, “My fiance Aaron Carter has died.” Raising a son without a father will be a journey, and I adore Aaron with all my heart. Please respect the privacy of my family as we mourn the loss of a much loved member. We are still coming to terms with this awful fact. Your prayers and thoughts are deeply appreciated.

This year, Carter filed a petition for custody and protection at the Antelope Valley Courthouse in Los Angeles County.

At the time, he accused Martin of ‘mental discomfort, anguish, pushing, and scratching,’ and he claimed that she used the fear of suicide to ’emotionally abuse’ him.

Two police policemen were observed stationed in front of Carter’s residence.Others were seen helping Martin pack up her belongings but it is unclear who they are

In January, Aaron and Melanie posed with their infant son Prince at their residence in Lancaster, California. He was born in November 2021

This year, Carter filed for custody of their son and a protection order at the Antelope Valley Courthouse in Los Angeles County.

Earlier this week, it was discovered that days before his death, Martin informed Carter during an Instagram live that she thought he would die if he didn’t stop huffing.Carter and Martin had a rocky relationship leading up to the birth of their son on November 22, 20121. The pair have been on and off since 2020

A video apparently acquired from a live broadcast the singer recorded in the days preceding his death and obtained by TMZ shows Aaron reading a message he claims to be from Martin, 35, which reads: “If it’s true what you’re doing, you won’t end up alive.” You’re going to die.

“I adore you, but this is dangerous.” Please do not commit suicide. In the film. Aaron recounts Melanie’s remark: ‘She responds, ‘I no longer care.” Leave me alone Melanie! Man, you just can’t take a hint!

The celebrity continues, “She just informed me, “You’re going to die.” Wow, it is insane.’

Carter has previously acknowledged to being addicted to huffing.Two police officers were seen stationed outside Carter's home

Huffing entails breathing (or ‘huffing’) fumes from common household goods such as glue, cleaning solutions, or paint, which provides a similar high to alcohol.

Melanie Martin was observed weeping outside Carter’s California residence after he was discovered dead.

Carter’s death stunned the entertainment business, and a couple recently disclosed to DailyMail.com that he may have been rescued if his house sitter had allowed a medically-trained pair to enter his home on Saturday.

Saturday around 11 a.m., Anthony and Amanda Cheval responded to the singer’s residence after hearing a 911 call on the police scanner.

Aaron and Melanie posed with their newborn son Prince at their home in Lancaster, California in January. Prince was born November 2021

Amanda, who is a registered nurse, grabbed their AED bag and dashed across the street to save the singer. However, Carter’s house sitter denied entry to the couple.

I heard them call out a 927D for Aaron Carter’s address, which is code for a possible dead body. Monday, Anthony, 45, a manager of corporate safety who teaches CPR and also works for a local news agency, told DailyMail.com:

He stated, “I banged on the door multiple times.” After several minutes, a black woman answered the door.

Cheval stated that the woman was hysterical and her mouth was foaming on both sides. He inquired whether she required assistance.

However, the home sitter was yelling, “He’s dead, he’s gone!”

She repeatedly screamed the phrase.Carter filed custody of their son and a petition for protection at the Antelope Valley Courthouse in Los Angeles County earlier this year

Cheval stated that he re-asked her to let them in. ‘Let us help you, let us try. My wife is a registered nurse, so allow her to assist.

The house sitter’s response was, “I cannot let you in.”

The woman’s identity remained unknown.

On Saturday, police escorted Aaron Carter’s house sitter away from his residence after she discovered his body in the bathtub. The woman refused to allow medically-trained neighbors to assist her.