A seven-year-old British girl killed in a horrifying speedboat accident while on holiday with her parents in Albania

While on vacation with her parents in Albania, a young British girl, age 7, was killed in a horrific speedboat accident.

The girl, known locally as Jonada Avdia, was killed on Tuesday at around 2 p.m. while she was playing in the sea close to Potam beach in the country’s south.

Jonada was fatally injured when off-duty policeman Arjan Tase drove a speedboat past an area intended for swimmers and struck her. Jonada resided in Barking, east London, with her mother, her father, who was of Albanian descent, and her.

According to the police, Tase, who has since been detained, was travelling with members of his own family from Porto Palermo to Potam when the accident occurred.

They claim that he drove up onto the beach after passing through a clearly defined buoyed swimming area.

He returned the boat to the same spot after dropping off his family members, then he hit Jonada as she was playing around 15 feet offshore.

According to a police official, the boat’s spinning propeller blades “caused serious injuries that led to immediate loss of life.”

A “negligent homicide” investigation against Tase is currently underway, and 15 police officers who were meant to be on duty that day to guard the water have been fired.

Today in Vlora, Tase, who is reportedly the police chief for the city of Elbasan, is also scheduled to appear in court.

In front of the Prime Minister’s Office as well as the spot where Jonada died, hundreds of candles and flowers have been laid down.

Numerous protestors and police clashed in the country’s capital of Tirana yesterday as protests over the tragedy erupted across the nation.

According to local media, they have demanded the resignation of the interior minister, the chief of police, and the minister of tourism and have accused the government of killing Jonada.

This summer, three similar accidents have occurred on Albanian beaches.

Last month, a motorboat in southern Albania injured a couple, and two days later, another seven-year-old child was injured in a crash.

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