A female television reporter gets robbed live on-air at the World Cup in Qatar

During live coverage of the World Cup in Qatar, a female Argentinian television reporter was robbed of money and papers from her handbag.

Argentinian journalist Dominique Metzger was dancing with football fans (pictured) in Qatar when she thinks a pickpocket stole items from her bag
The things were stolen when Dominique Metzger was broadcasting from the Corniche region of Doha before to the first match of the tournament.

Metzger stated that she reported the event to local authorities and was startled by their response.

She said to her network Todo Noticias (TN) that officials had promised to identify the suspected thief and that she may determine his punishment.

Argentine journalist Dominique Metzger (left) was broadcasting from the Corniche neighborhood of Doha before to the opening match when she reported that her handbag was taken.

Metzger told a TN network anchor that she was carrying a little bag with all the essentials, including her wallet, hotel room keys, and napkins.

The anchor questioned her, “And you were dancing?”

The reporter responded, “Yes, I was dancing with the throng, and I’m confident that it was then that someone unzipped the bag’s zipper and stole my wallet.”

The anchor inquired as to whether she believed a pickpocket took her money.

“I didn’t realize at the time that you were live on air, with music and throng, since I was concentrating on your conversation with me. Consequently, I was not attentive.

She recounted, “After I finished my live broadcast, I intended to use my wallet to purchase a water bottle, but then I realized I didn’t have it.”

In an effort to combat crime, Qatar has put thousands of cameras surrounding its newly constructed stadiums, as well as 15,000 high-resolution cameras within each stadium, all of which are equipped with facial recognition technology.

Metzger informed her network Todo Noticias (TN) that officials had agreed to identify the accused robbery suspect and that she could determine his punishment.

Metzger (left) stated that she was dancing with locals while on-air and only realized that her satchel bag had been emptied after the fact.

The broadcast displayed footage of the reporter dancing in the throng, capturing the faces of those close to Metzger. She stated that utilizing face recognition technology, Qatari officials will be able to identify the culprit.

There are also cameras throughout the whole length of the Corniche, a four-mile-long beachfront promenade that stretches around Doha Bay.

For the first time at a World Cup, all eight stadiums can be monitored simultaneously by personnel who can zoom in on a single fan from a NASA-style control centre.

Metzger stated that when she went to report her misplaced wallet, she was first disregarded due to her gender. She reported being let go after being promised her wallet will “emerge” at some time.

Metzger stated, “Male law enforcement will not register you.” ‘As soon as I arrived at the police station, I was taken to a separate location where there were just women. When I inquired why I was there, I was informed that because I am a woman, a female officer must assist me.

Once she was attended to by a policewoman, the reporter stated that she was astonished by the information she was given.

“The moment I was taken declaration was surprising. They advised me, “What action do you want justice to take? We shall locate the wallet… We have installed high-tech cameras everywhere, and we will identify the burglar using facial recognition technology. What do you want justice system to do to them when they are found?”.

Metzger said that her belongings were taken as she was reporting along the Corniche in Doha prior to the opening World Cup match. Pictured: People gather along the Corniche Waterfront in Doha, Qatar, on November 19, 2022, before to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

A guy takes a photograph along Doha’s Corniche seaside promenade on November 20, 2022, during the Qatar 2022 World Cup football competition.

Metzger said her items were stolen while she was reporting along Doha's Corniche area ahead of the opening match of the World Cup. Pictured: People gather at the Corniche Waterfront ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on November 19, 2022 in Doha

Metzger stated that, perplexed by the inquiry, she asked the police officers what they meant. They answered by asking if she wanted to condemn him to five years in jail and deportation. He requested that I make the choice.’

She told TN, “I told them I just want my wallet back; I would not make the choice for the court system.”

Metzger claims she was robbed before to the opening match of the World Cup, which saw Qatar lose 2-0 to Ecuador following a dazzling opening ceremony on Sunday evening.A man takes a picture at the Corniche sea promenade in Doha on November 20, 2022, during the Qatar 2022 World Cup football tournament

The alcohol restriction enforced two days prior to the tournament’s start was the latest problematic hiccup for a worldwide event already under fire for Qatar’s human rights record and the emirates’ employment of migrant workers to prepare the country for the event.

As Qatar was losing its opening match, tens of thousands of supporters stormed over police lines to reach the site, causing chaos in the fan zone in central Doha. Fans attempted to enter the enclosed area with large screens for viewing matches and alcohol sales.

The incident involving the Argentine journalist occurred after the Qatar Supreme Committee raced to make an apology to Danish network TV2 last week after one of its journalists was intimidated live on air by security personnel.

Rasmus Tantholdt, a reporter for TV2, was speaking during a live broadcast when he was approached by security personnel on a golf buggy.

On November 20 at Al Khor, Qatar, dancers perform during the opening ceremony preceding the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group A match between Qatar and Ecuador.

It became immediately evident that he was not permitted to shoot, and he was immediately threatened with having his camera destroyed.

The tape, which went popular on social media, showed Tantholdt switching to English to inquire about where he allegedly misunderstood Qatar’s shooting regulations.

“You have welcomed the entire globe.” Why are we unable to film? It is a public area, he stated.

He promptly flashed his press credentials on his phone, reinforcing their permits to record, but while one man struggled with the camera’s lens, a security agent warned that the camera would be destroyed if they did not cease filming.

The Danes present press credentials and state that they have authorization to shoot. The guards then respond with a threat. If they do not cease filming, the camera will be destroyed. He said, ‘You may shatter the camera’ You desire to beak it? Go ahead. You are endangering us by destroying the camera.’

Rasmus Tantholdt was interrupted during a live television broadcast in Qatar.

Officials from the security department objected to his video and threatened to destroy his camera.

A security guard attempts to explain that, despite his accreditation permit, he is unable to record.

Tantholdt verified to NRK from Qatar that he had received an apology from Qatari officials, but the fact that he was halted during a live broadcast raises a lot of problems for him.

He was cited as adding, “I don’t think the message from the top in Qatar has reached all the security personnel.”

‘Therefore, it is possible to claim that some have misread the issue, but it also reveals a great deal about life in Qatar. Evidently, you can be attacked and threatened if you report as a member of the free press.’

He added, “This is not a free and democratic nation.” The more you have to hide, the more difficult it is to report from that country, according to my experience after visiting 110 nations.

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