A dog murdered 32-year-old plumber in Kansas

The hunter from Kansas who was accidently murdered on Saturday after his rifle’s trigger was touched by a dog has been named, and he is being remembered as a musician, plumber, and family guy.

Following an unintentional shooting by a dog that was thought to belong to Joseph Smith, 32, of Wichita, he was discovered close to the hamlet of Geuda Springs, 50 miles south of Wichita and home to 194 people just north of the Oklahoma border. Sheriffs estimate that he passed away at 9:40 a.m.

The sheriff’s office said that a dog belonging to the owner of the pickup truck stepped on the gun and set it off.

The passenger was hit by the bullet and passed away from his wounds on the scene.

Plumber, 32, identified as Kansas man accidentally shot and killed when a dog stepped on the trigger

Smith’s supervisor, Chris Brown, who is also the owner of Brown’s Plumbing Services, remembered him earlier this week. He stated, “Joe is without a doubt the most exceptional person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.” “He was liked and cherished by all of us from all walks of life.”

On behalf of the family, Brown has started a GoFundMe to assist with funeral and memorial expenses.

No matter how difficult or stressful my day or our day had been, Joe always had something to cheer us up, he said. “I’ve been a plumber for a very long time, and I’ve met a lot of different individuals, but I’ve never met another Joe, and I’m very sure there won’t be another,” the plumber said.

Jen, Smith’s sister, recalled Joseph Smith as a “really great guy” in her own tribute. He was caring, thoughtful, hilarious, and intelligent. Every time he entered the room, he brought a grin to someone’s face. He either made things better by being a goofy or simply by being there.

It was simple to adore Joe since he always made you feel special and never ended a discussion without telling you that he cared. There are a lot of people who will miss Joe terribly. A wonderful friend, coworker, cousin, brother, son, and dog owner, he was also. One of the greatest that we adored has passed away. Peace be with you, Joseph.

Photos depict Smith as a musician in addition to a plumber and a dog lover.

In order to “enable Joe’s family to mourn without the weight of financial worry,” Brown added, over $9,000 of the $20,000 target had been raised as of Tuesday.

They share the same thoughts as a buddy who supported Smith online after several people made fun of the sad, unintentional shooting before he was recognized.

To all the comedians and firearms experts there, he wrote, “This youngster was my buddy, having been best friends with his dad for over 20+ years.”

These are terrible remarks.

I am personally familiar with this family and cannot express to you how badly their hearts are breaking right now. Disgrace to you.

Pet shootings are uncommon but not unheard of.

A 32-year-old man was allegedly shot and murdered by his own dog in Turkey in November when the dog stood on a shotgun’s trigger and fired at the victim.

According to Newsweek, Ozgur Gevrekoglu was slain while out hunting with his companion in the Kizlan Plateau in the Samsun Province of Turkey, as reported by the daily Turkiye.

The dog’s paw brushed the loaded gun while the owner was loading his dog into the vehicle, and the rifle fired a few shots at Gevrekoglu.

After the event, he was rushed to the hospital where he was subsequently declared dead.

And in 2015, Trigger, the owner’s dog, shot a lady from Indiana in the foot.

During a waterfowl hunt at Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area, Allie Carter, 25, lay her 12-gauge shotgun on the ground without the safety engaged, according to Indiana conservation officer Jonathon Boyd.

Added Boyd The shotgun’s trigger was pulled by Trigger, a chocolate Labrador puppy, who stood on top of it.

He said that Carter had damage to her foot and toes after being shot in the left foot at point-blank range.

She received care at two hospitals before being let go.

»A dog murdered 32-year-old plumber in Kansas«

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