A controlling boyfriend who told his girlfriend that he wanted a “real lady who can give me a child” avoids jail time

A controlling boyfriend who told his girlfriend that he wanted a “real lady who can give me a child” avoids jail time

A dominating lover who emotionally and physically tormented his girlfriend was given a suspended sentence.

Miss Arrowsmith was punched, kicked and dragged her along a pavement while called a 'sket'
The violent relationship between Joseph Whitehead, 28, and Charlotte Arrowsmith, 23, ran from August 2020 until April 8, 2022, the Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard.

In one instance, he hit, stomped, and dragged her down a sidewalk while calling her a “sket.”

Whitehead, from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, reportedly separated Miss Arrowsmith from her friends and family after finding she had reproductive concerns, telling her, “I’m going to get a genuine lady who can truly give me a kid.”

On April 12, he was detained and held in jail.

He accepted assault but denied stalking; nonetheless, he was found guilty of stalking following a trial.

Whitehead, who had prior convictions for drug offenses and violence, was given a suspended sentence of nine months in prison.

Joseph Whitehead told Charlotte Arrowsmith, who has fertility issues, 'I'm going to get myself a real woman who can actually give me a child'

Charlotte Arrowsmith, who has reproductive concerns, was promised by Joseph Whitehead, “I’m going to find a real lady who can truly give me a kid.”

Whitehead, who had prior convictions for drug offenses and assault, was sentenced to nine months in prison with a one-year suspension.

Whitehead pulled Miss Arrowsmith over the pavement, causing her to sustain minor shoulder scratches, finger cuts, and back bruising and abrasions.

Whitehead made 48 calls to Miss Arrowsmith between April 8 and 9

In addition, he must complete the Building Better Relationships program, ten rehabilitation activity days, and one hundred hours of unpaid work.

A restraining order prohibited him from contacting Miss Arrowsmith for a period of five years.Whitehead, who had previous convictions for drugs offences and battery, was sentenced to nine months jail suspended for a year

The court heard that at 9:00 p.m. on April 8, Miss Arrowsmith was walking from her friend’s house to the Whitehouse bar in Stalybridge.

Keith Jones, prosecutor, stated, “She observed the defendant pass her in his car and then exit and move towards her out of the corner of her eye.” He attempted to embrace her, but she pulled him away and continued walking with her buddy.

Miss Arrowsmith suffered minor scratches to her shoulder, cuts to her fingers and redness and grazes on her back after Whitehead dragged her along the pavement

‘After this, she got a number of texts and voicemails from the defendant in which he expressed a desire to see her and communicate with her, and in which he also made threats. After some time, she chose to ban his phone, but he continued to contact her using an unidentified number.

‘Later that night, the complainant and her companion went to a 1980s-themed nightclub in Stalybridge. When she was standing outside the venue, she once again observed the defendant’s automobile, but this time he was driving with his pals.

“At 12:59 p.m., she unblocked the number and immediately received another text from the defendant stating that he had been observing her for three hours and was aware of everything she had been doing.” She stated that she was “very disturbed by this frightening message.”

The court heard that if Miss Arrrowsmith went out with friends, Whitehead would call her 'scruffy' and call her names, which she said would destroy her self-confidence

The court heard that whenever Miss Arrrowsmith went out with friends, Whitehead would call her “scruffy” and other derogatory terms, which, according to her, would ruin her self-esteem.

Miss Arrowsmith was hit, kicked, and dragged along a sidewalk while being referred to as a “sket.”

Miss Arrowsmith got 48 calls from Whitehead between April 8 and 9, according to court testimony. On April 10, at 12:40 p.m., while going from her grandparents’ house to her friend’s house in Stalybridge, she spotted Whitehead’s car in the distance.

Mr. Jones stated, “She believed he was going to pass her, but he stopped, parked the car, and went up to her with his fists clinched. He seized her and attempted to steal her phone.

When she struggled, he threw her to the ground, where he punched and kicked her while she was wrapped up. He then pulled the woman along the sidewalk while calling her a “sket” many times.

She escaped the defendant’s grasp and rushed into a neighboring garden, where she encountered a spectator. She yelled for a passerby to contact the police, after which the defendant fled the scene.

Miss Arrowsmith had minor injuries to her shoulder, fingers, and back, as well as redness and grazes.

Mr. Jones stated, ‘The complainant initially described the relationship as wonderful, stating that the defendant swept her off her feet; but, in December of last year, she noticed a shift.

The defendant began to exert control over her every move and inquired as to why she was going out. He would attempt to persuade her not to go out with her friends, and if she did, he would call her “scruffy” and insult her, which, according to her, would ruin her self-esteem.

He also attempted to cut her off from her relatives. He would convince her that her family did not love her, prompting her to spend less and less time with them. The defendant frequently apologized for his behavior and words, but inevitably continued to engage in the same conduct.

‘When the defendant learned that she was unable to give him children owing to reproductive concerns, he made a particularly vile remark: ‘I’m going to find a genuine lady who can truly give me a kid.’

Whitehead was informed by Judge John Potter, “Your victim was in a relationship characterized by your abhorrent behavior towards her.”

You harassed the victim by repeatedly degrading her, causing her to fear for her life with threats of violence, and waiting in locations where you knew she would be.

This was all done sequentially in order for you to establish influence over her. You also made a particularly offensive comment regarding her inability to supply you with children. According to the victim’s statement, the attack and harassment over the last two years have had a significant impact on her.’


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