8-year-old child mauled by labrador at illegal home daycare in California

Tuesday, an eight-year-old California kid was mauled badly by a violent labrador at an illegal home daycare, suffering horrific injuries to his face and torso.

Connor Aranda, 8, was severely mauled by a vicious labrador at an unlicensed home daycare on Tuesday while he was being cared for at an unlicensed home daycare center in Apple, Calif.
Michelle Aranda, a devastated mother, revealed the awful injuries to her son Connor’s face, chest, back, and arm.

“There are stitches inside his mouth, on the upper lip,” she told KTLA News’ Newstar affiliate. His chest had a five-inch wound that was approximately a quarter of an inch deep.

After the near-fatal attack, the youngster was taken by medevac helicopter to the trauma center at Loma Linda University Hospital, some 32 miles away from the scene of the attack in Apple Valley, California.

Tuesday, Connor Aranda, 8, was badly attacked by a violent labrador while he was being cared for at an unregistered home daycare center in Apple, California.

Michelle Aranda, the boy’s mother, described his horrible facial, chest, back, and arm injuries. She reported that her son is suffering and described the emotional wounds he may now bear.

The child was transported to the Loma Linda University Medical trauma center by medevac aircraft from Apple Valley, California, where the incident occurred, a distance of around 32 miles.

Before the near-fatal assault, Connor was being cared for in a home daycare8-year-old child mauled by labrador at illegal home daycare in California

The daycare owner, whose name was withheld, confirmed to the media source that the dog had attacked the youngster and that San Bernardino Animal Care and Control had removed the animal from her home, where it will be euthanized.

At this time, no charges are pending against the daycare owner, but Aranda has stated that she is considering legal action.

The Sheriff’s Department of San Bernardino County may be the primary agency in the attack. Animal Care and Control also conducts investigations, according to the news source.The child was rushed to Loma Linda University Medical trauma center by a medevac helicopter - approximately a 32 mile distance - from Apple Valley, Calif., where the attack took place

“I trusted her, and I believed he and my other children were secure there,” claimed the distraught mother.

According to KTLA News, the license application for the home daycare was pending with the state’s Department of Social Services.

Since the tragedy, Aranda reported that her kid has undergone many surgeries, with many more to come.

She stated that it was terrible for her to see him lying in the hospital disinterested in speaking, eating, or drinking, and she expressed concern about the emotional wounds her son sustained in the attack.The home daycare where Connor was being cared for before the near-deadly attack

‘He’s just really sad. According to KTLA, Aranda stated, “He doesn’t want to do anything, not even get out of bed.”

A photograph of a cheerful little Connor at what appears to be a pumpkin farm.

The graphic image is a close-up of the dog bites Connor received during the attack.

A family friend created a GoFundMe to assist with medical expenditures and travel costs for Aranda, a single mother who works full-time and has two young children.A picture of little Connor smiling at what appears to be a pumpkin farm

On Saturday morning, they had raised over $1,900 toward their $10,000 targetThe graphic images is a close-up of the bites Connor got during dog attack on his body

The message stated, “We would like to raise money so that Connor’s mother does not have to worry about lost paychecks and growing costs.”

This boy is highly special to a number of individuals, including his mother. She must be there for him, just as we must be there for this family.’

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