30 dead as high-voltage tower collapses onto busy market (photos/video)

A high-voltage electricity tower collapsed in a crowded market, killing 30 people.
On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, videos from the incident in Matadi Kibala, Congo, show frantic crowds walking among dead bodies on the ground.
Screams can be heard as people walk through murky water in what appears to be a flood.
be a flooded market street.  One Twitter user who uploaded the footage wrote: “An excerpt from the situation in the Matadi Kibala district. “It is a high voltage pillonne that fell on the Matadi Kibala market this morning. Witnesses evoke more than 30 deaths.”
Some bodies can be seen laying on top of one another while others are separated on their own.
 Almost all of the bodies are partially under water.
Fruits and other food products can also be seen floating in the water around the lifeless bodies.

Watch video below. La RDC en deuil :Ce matin au marché Matadi Kibala dans la commune de Mont Ngafula; Un câble électrique a lâché et a causé la perte de vie de plus ou moins 25 personnes.Les images sont insupportables.